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Your mantra is slightly screwed up.

February 2, 2013

Last week, I was ecstatic as I found a newly opened fitness club near my workplace which offers ballet classes – Mantra Fitness Club. I was ready to take the ballet class at the Ballet Centre where I usually take it when I saw the post of this club on Facebook about their schedule for a Wednesday which includes the ballet class at around the same time as that of the Ballet Centre. I immediately replied on their post to ask if it’s a beginner or advanced class and if I need to pre-register. They did reply and was advised that it is a beginner class and I need to pre-register which can be done by just walking in the club anytime of the day. I was all giddy and excited like a toddler on a Christmas Eve because the schedule and the location fits perfectly to my work schedule. The next day, I wasn’t even that anxious to get out of work early because I will just have to walk from my building to the fitness club (quite a long walk but doable) compared to taking a cab to go to Jumeira 1 for Ballet Centre’s class. So I was taking my sweet little time and enjoyed the cool breeze of fresh air of Dubai’s last bit of winter season. I arrived at the club at around 6:30pm, with all smiles only to be informed by the guy at the reception that the class has been cancelled.


I was THISCLOSE to wrecking havoc at the club because 1. I have been communicating with them all day in facebook and 2. I gave up the ballet class in Ballet Centre just to try theirs. I was too furious but I didn’t want to waste more time so I ran out of their building as fast as I can in hopes of being able to catch a cab right away to go to Ballet Centre. That day of all the days, the cabs do not want to take passengers for reasons I don’t quite understand and there were a lot of passengers waiting for one. Well I guess once you’ve had your luck taken away from you for the day, the unfortunate events will just go on and on hey?

In all fairness to the fitness club though, it was somehow my mistake as well as I saw a reply on the last communication that I had with them telling me that the class has been cancelled as apparently there were not enough students who showed interest in it. I just missed that last message as I was at work at the time and I didn’t know that I have to check my Facebook messages every 5 minutes just in case something like this would happen. HOWEVER, I arrived at 6:30pm whereas the class starts at 7pm and the trainer has already left. Also, the message was sent to me at around 5pm. How can they know 2 hours before the actual class starts that there will be nobody who will attend the said class? And the funniest thing is, I was just looking for the post where I had my conversation with them on their facebook page but I could no longer find it. I was planning to take a screenshot of the conversation and post it on this blog but it seems to me that it has been removed from their page as I have replied to their last message and have slightly voiced out my disappointment. I was actually going to give them another chance and just wait for their club to be settled however, that removal of the conversation I’ve had with them from their Facebook page somehow tells me that it is a little bit screwed up. Don’t you think? So I guess my mantra will be no Mantra.

Ballet Centre it is still for me then. I don’t even know why I keep on trying to change this school when in fact, Ginny the trainer is just oh so fantastic.

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  • Reply nadamohammed February 25, 2013 at 17:23

    I can totally relate to your frustration by the class being cancelled. I would be feeling the same way if it happened to me. I also completely agree with you about deciding not to give them any more chances after they have removed that post. It’s so shady and makes them seem insecure and it’s not a professional way to act at all.
    Anyway, I am glad that you are enjoying your current class and are happy with the instructor 🙂

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