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YouGotAGift in Dubai Review and a DISCOUNT CODE.

June 29, 2014

I love getting presents (who doesn’t?) and what’s better than that is I love getting a present which I like. Gift cards or vouchers are always a welcome treat for me since I get to choose what I want specially if it’s a particular service that I need, say a salon visit.

I was approached last month by YouGotAGift team to feature a post about their product. I visited their website and was immediately impressed by the concept. It’s an online gift card mall which features a huge list of stores, spas and malls that you can buy a gift card from. It’s a first in Dubai and to be very honest, I got excited that I had to try it out immediately just to see how it works.

1. Pick a gift card.

They have over 50 outlets that you can choose from ranging from shops, salons, spas and even tour operators in Dubai. I chose to buy a gift card for myself for Mall of The Emirates since I’ll be going there one of these days for my monthly salon visit.


Pick your poison. 🙂

Once you’ve chosen which store you’d like to buy the gift card from it will show you some details about the store, how to redeem it (validity of the card) and the location.


2. Personalize Gift Card.

The next step is personalizing your gift card. They’ve got a template for each occasion so it’s an easy task. You can also put a personalized message on this part and a photo or video.


3. Choose Delivery.

You have three options on how to deliver the card – through email, facebook or SMS. I chose mine to be delivered through email. You will also get to schedule when you want the gift card to be delivered in this part.


4. Check-out.

The last step is of course to check-out. You have the option to either pay through your paypal account or a credit card.

Easy, yes? As soon as I’ve checked out the gift card, I received the same after a few minutes through email and here’s what I got:

As easy as it was though, after receiving the card through email I couldn’t find any serial number or barcode that I can use to exchange the digital voucher into an actual gift card. I sent an email to YouGotAGift and they have forwarded another email to me with a barcoded voucher. It might be a hassle for anyone who’s going to use YouGotAGift to always have to contact them for the coded voucher but this is probably a one-off mistake as I’ve read a lot of other reviews about them who didn’t have the same problem as I had.

The sender will also receive an email alert once the receiver received and opened the gift card which is great as it gives the sender a peace of mind that the gift card will be received. The sender will also receive an alert once the receiver redeemed the gift card from the specified store. Sweet!

All in all, I’m happy with this product and I truly am going to use specially now that I might soon be leaving Dubai. This is definitely a great way for me to still connect with my Dubai friends on special occasions and avoid the delivery fees of online shopping. :p


Here’s the best part: As a gift to my readers, YouGotAGift is generous enough to give you all a AED30 discount code when you purchase your first gift card from their site starting today until the 28th of August 2014. Simply put the discount code: PINAY when you check-out before putting in your credit card details. Remember, you do have the option to schedule its delivery to the receiver on a future date so you can definitely make the most out of this AED30 offer.

YouGotAGift website.

Note: I did not receive any gifts from YouGotAGift in exchange for the review. I have purchased the gift card on my own to have a first-hand experience of the website.

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