WOW! Really, WOW!

There’s a hype going on at work right now. Something petty which suddenly, in a twisted and funny turn of events, became a humongous case and hurtful words were spoken. Let me tell you the whole story:

There’s a big change going on at work right now. The department is getting reorganized and a lot of movements are happening. Before all these though, one of our colleagues was approached by the future head of the department and was told that he’ll be moving to a different department and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that specific movement was done with some pull of the strings from the management. The kid’s been with the company for less than a year and right after an application that he did for that department a few months ago, here comes the news that he’ll be moving there. It only takes a good amount of common sense that because he’s having quite a personal relationship with our manager (both of them coming from the same neck of the woods) it somehow gave him the edge of getting that position. Of course for us who’ve been with the company for more than 3 years, it’s highly unfair. Maybe for me it’s my own fault because I hate kissing ass to get something I want.

We planned to have a talk with our manager about this decision that they’ve made to air out our side. We didn’t have anything against our colleague because it’s clearly not his fault that he’s getting moved there. We actually don’t care about that, all we’re concerned about is for the management to be fair and to give everybody an equal opportunity of growth. The colleague took it personally though and have reacted in a rather childish way. He stopped speaking to us (which I thought was such an immature reaction) from the day that we planned to speak to the manager and called us “scumbags” on his facebook status update. I actually didn’t know anything about that until a colleague of mine told me about it and that’s not all, here’s a screenshot of another Facebook status of his pertaining to none other than us – his colleagues:

My reaction after reading the message? WOW! Seriously, WOW! I don’t know if I should consider it funny or saddening how a simple change can bring out so much attitude and arrogance. He’s not even at the top yet but already sees himself there, at the top, throwing craps at people who helped him when he was new. It’s really surprising how low he thought of us all this time that we’ve been together at work, supporting each other specially when it comes to unreasonable passengers. I was hurt when I read the message, in fact I actually still am I guess. I didn’t expect this from anyone, much more from him who, for a time there, I thought would become a friend to me. But then I guess it’s been less than a year that I’ve known him, how foolish of me to think that I actually know him right? To reply his concerns, here it goes:

Dear Manny boy,

Thank you for saying all these things about us with high disregard of all the things (fun and bad times) we’ve been through as colleagues. Thank you for proving the fact that we don’t really know you that well and we were wrong of trusting you with anything while you were with us. Maybe you were right, we were a bunch of idiots who thought highly of you and considered you as one of us and helped you with all the mistakes that you’ve done when you were new; gave you encouraging words when we felt like you were feeling down when you’ve had a bad day dealing with passengers at work; took your side when the management was questioning your competence when you handled the mystery shopper and they were creating a big deal out of an imperfect score that you’ve got and shared jokes with you in those rare times that we’ve got no work to deal with.

I’d beg to disagree with you though that we were stuck here at our position because we never did anything about it. You, of all people know the things that we’ve been doing for us to grow, the numerous vacancies applied and the interviews most of us attended but was never given a chance. You see, we still believed that the correct way of moving forward still exists in our department. But you clearly pointed it out to us now that it doesn’t, thank you very much for that.

Also, I will have to HIGHLY disagree with your statement that we are the bottom of humankind. Only people who thinks highly of themselves and believes that nothing and no one can put them down from the pedestal they made for themselves thinks that there is such kind of people – the bottom of humankind. The people that you’re belittling are the very same people who helped you with the skills that you have now (technicality speaking), please don’t ever forget that but if you must, I can’t blame you as clearly you’ve said it yourself that you’re a bad person who finds it enjoyable that your colleagues are struggling. I never had anything against you, we never did. It was you who ignored us and it’s you now who are saying all these hurtful words.

I wish you well and I hope you’ll be able to be true and sincere to your future colleagues in the new department that you’ll be working in.


Ethiopian chicken.

Right at this moment, I don’t really want to have anything to do with him anymore. What’s been done is done and I do think that with all those words said, there’s no right amount of time to ever forget it.


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  • Alex March 22, 2012 at 23:01

    Was it a manager’s position? If not then this motherf*cker needs to calm the f*ck himself down and live in the f*cking reality.

    • Pinay Flying High March 23, 2012 at 10:25

      Hahaaha! If i dont already know that you’re just using an alias and you are fully aware of who this person in question is, I would’ve said that you’re a strange freak show who got so affected of this post. By the way, thank you for the insider alert “alex”. ☺

  • Dawn March 21, 2012 at 23:47

    I’m a follower of your blog, it’s funny and witty. I never comment because I never have witty things to say like you but this post encouraged me to comment. I am facing the same thing at work and I know how it feels when your boss favors a person. They start to be arrogant even if they have not done anything worthwhile. My advice is, you should be proud that you are doing your job well and not kissing ass to get promoted. Just do everything like what’s your supposed to do and everything will fall into place which is rightfuly yours. Maybe this blog will crush him. I hope.

    • Pinay Flying High March 22, 2012 at 08:22

      I know but apparently in our department, the unwritten rule prevails more than what’s on the book. Nevertheles, I still am not going to kiss ass to get promoted. It’s nicer to know that you got something out of hardwork. Then again, isn’t kissing ass a hard work too? ☺

  • Alicia March 21, 2012 at 23:24

    gay! so gay! who does he think he is? karma’s a bitch i tell ya!

    • Pinay Flying High March 22, 2012 at 08:18

      He’s not gay, surprisingly because straight men doesn’t do these kinds of things, I believe. Or am I again wrong? 🙂

  • JD March 21, 2012 at 23:11

    What an ass! Where is this guy from?

    • Pinay Flying High March 21, 2012 at 23:20

      Jd, I don’t think the nationality matters, it has nothing to do with his actions.

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