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Worst Things I’ve Said To Someone

June 8, 2009

I am normally respectful to everybody around me and minds my words, but certain situations just literally catch me off-guard and emotions rule over my…. well, tact??? haha. I was reading some past blogs of mine and was laughing my ass off for all those times i almost got myself in trouble for saying the wrong things at the wrong time.

Some of those are as follows:

1. Your mom is still alive???? (i said that while talking to an acquaintance who’s 30years my senior but looks like there’s about 50yrs gap between us.)

2. No seriously, where are you from? (again, another acquaintance who claimed that he was from Canada, yet the looks and accent tells me he’s not)

3. Ohhhhh!!!! When are you due? (to a friend who’s not pregnant at all….)

4. Congratulations! (i said that to a distant family relative who just lost her husband…. instead of Condolence, the idiot in me said that word.)

5. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (to someone i dated who just told me that we should see each other again… )

6. my friend just called and reminded me about that “only girls party” that she’s having before she leaves the country… sorry i have to go (while i was on a really really and i mean seriously bad date… and the worst part is i called up another guy afterwards to get a few drinks. am evil, i know)

7. you’re only 45??? already 45??? (the person definitely heard the first statement since she didn’t react at all on the second one)

last but not the least…

OHHHHH YOUR DAUGHTER IS SOOOO PRETTY, SHE DOESN’T LOOK AT ALL LIKE YOU…. (1…. 2…. 3… 4…. 5…. sank in) JUST KIDDING!! – (told to one of my frequent customer…. thank god she still buys tickets from me. :p)

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