Why you should travel.

I really don’t get people who splurge on material things like say for example, extremely expensive bags which will cost me my arm to purchase. Well honestly, I really don’t have much money to “splurge” but even if I am financially capable of doing it I wouldn’t waste it for stupid things like that. They say it’s sort of a form of investment, for what? It’s not like it’ll grow a pair of shoes or a pouch in 5 years nor will it have an interest in value if you decide you don’t like it anymore and try to sell it. I’d rather spend that money traveling. So then I realized, some people may not really get it either why I would spend my money for travel. That is, if you’re like a caveman or something you’d really think that way.

Why you should travel instead of buying stupid material things?

1. It will educate you. Seriously it will, that is if you do your research before traveling to some place new. Traveling is not only about taking photos of yourselves in front of a magnificent architecture without even knowing what the hell it stands for. Like take the Eiffel Tower in Paris per se, a lot of people probably wouldn’t know that it was used before for aerodynamics, to observe the relationship and effects of wind and air resistance. It was also used for radio communication and TV transmission. So it was not really built as a place for people to propose for marriage, though I have nothing against them. I just find it overrated and a tad bit cheesy. 🙂

2. It will open your mind a little bit more. As traveling exposes you to different culture and people, you’ll figure out that your way isn’t really the ONLY way as there are a million people in some other parts of the world who’s not living your way and are happy about it. This aptly applies when you go to a third-world country, you’ll realize that people survive without the unnecessary things you have.

3. It will de-stress you physically, mentally and emotionally. Everybody needs a break from their monotonous lives. After a good holiday break, I always have a feeling that someone pushed the reset button in me and I’m ready to face the everyday life again. It’s important for me to regain my enthusiasm for my job and just basically living overseas, away from my family and friends.

4. It will teach you to be patient.
I was told by my aunt when I was a kid that a real smart person is the one who can adapt to a new environment easily. This means that you have far more better understanding that those who can’t. Understanding that this is currently what you have and you’ve got to make the most out of it for you to survive. Never complain because it will not change the scenario. My Aunt told me that when we were sort of “backpacking” across the Northern part of the Philippines and we were sleeping on the floor of a classroom and I started throwing a tantrum. (I was traveling with a group of educators and they have asked local schools if we can spend the night in one of their classrooms, libraries or Principal’s offices to save us from staying in hotels – it was a lot of fun!) I was about 9 years old then, it was acceptable for me to do that at the time. 🙂

5. It will give you some really good memories. Ahhhh the memories. You see this is really my point, you cannot take the material things you have to your grave but you can take your memories with you. And those who share these memories with you will always remember you whenever they see the name of the location you two have visited or maybe a photo of it or maybe if they went there again. Baguio in the Philippines will always remind me that it was my first ever out-of-town trip and I really enjoyed it because I was with my whole family (the real and extended ones). Hong Kong will always remind me that it was my very first out-of-the-country trip and how my aunt held my hand as I took my first plane ride. Rome will always remind me that it was the destination of my first solo-travel and that I stayed in a dingy 2-star hotel with shared bathroom and that I had a lot of fun traveling by myself. Lastly, Santorini will always remind me that the boyfriend took me there against his will because he wants only the best for me to make me happy (sans the little manipulation I did to make him go there).

Excuse the ugliness of my face. :p

So I dare you now to buy that plane ticket or book that hotel instead of buying your LVs. 🙂


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  • ybur November 2, 2014 at 02:17

    if you can manage to get the best of both worlds : buy an expensive bags and travel the world, why not 🙂 … i love to travel and i love bags 😀

    • Pinay Flying High November 2, 2014 at 09:23

      Lucky you but I’d rather add that extra money to extra travel time. 😀

  • docgelo November 1, 2014 at 15:53

    I can’t agree more! We’re on the same page when it comes to being logically sane about traveling. It’s a passion for me at times, therapeutic.

    • Pinay Flying High November 1, 2014 at 19:29

      There’s something about being in a foreign land that calms my nerves. 🙂 Thanks for the visit DocGelo. 🙂

  • Aslı October 5, 2012 at 12:29

    I totally agree with you! Some people don’t get why you spend that much on travelling and they also want to do the same but just don’t see how or don’t have guts to try.

    • Pinay Flying High October 5, 2012 at 12:34

      It’s all about prioritizing for me. That’s my passion – traveling and if I have to eat biscuits for lunch to save up for a trip, I’d do it. (not everyday though :p)

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