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White X Beach and Lounge

November 12, 2012

The boyfriend and I were feeling adventurous the other day and went to find a place called White X Beach and Lounge located at the Rixos The Palm at the very end of the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. We actually didn’t mind the long drive as it was a scenic one, however the place itself wasn’t worth the journey. I still would rather go to Nasimi beach which is closer to home.

The drive to Rixos The Palm

We went on a Friday afternoon and we were told that to get in, we had to pay AED100 per couple which we didn’t mind as well because we were actually a bit psyched to try a new venue. However, upon entering we saw a beach with a wavebreaker in the middle of it (not a very good view for yours truly) and some of the fences surrounding it need to be replaced or reinstalled again. All that for a hundred bucks.

The beach itself is nice however, the wave breaker a few meters away from it is such an eyesore.

Not to mention that it was the worst strawberry mojito I’ve ever had. The place itself was empty for a Friday afternoon. There were only about 20 people at the time including us. The music however was good and not so loud, a real lounge experience. However for a place so far away that you really need to exert some extra effort to go to, they have got to step it up a little and offer something more. At the top of my head, maybe remove the door charge which isn’t really that much but since they’re still trying to set their name among the dozens of beach bars/clubs/lounges in Dubai – let people in without charging anything. Also, try not to dilute their drinks too much. My strawberry mojito tasted like ice and a slight hint of strawberry and that too was AED65. We just had one drink each and stayed no more than 45 minutes. They do have a nice venue though, empty but nice.

After finishing our drinks, we went to that one place which never fails to capture our hearts – Barasti.

You get this view for free.

And they’ve got happy hour. 🙂

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