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Which is worst?

August 30, 2008

Scenario 1:You’re on a date and your date is throwing in a very interesting conversation over a very good meal. You see some people looking over their shoulders and they’re checking out your date. You see the waitresses beaming at you and you can somehow understand the silent words of their eyes – “good catch!”. But here’s the tricky part, your mind is elsewhere. You’re thinking about somebody else, someone you like more. For no particular reason, you see no connection nor spark on this date that you have. You play your food with your fork pretending that you’re going to finish it but you’re just creating a jigsaw puzzle out of your leftovers, occassionally smiling at your date pretending that you understood everything he/she said.

Scenario 2:

You’re on a date and your date may not have the “hollywood-look” but sure she/he’s fine. You give an interesting conversation and is very careful not to monopolize the conversation for the whole night. You ask your date some questions about him/herself but all you get are Yes/No answers. You feel like your date is bored no matter how fun you may think you are but at the back of your mind you’re telling yourself that your date may just have had a long day and is a bit tired. Nevertheless, you are having so much fun with your date’s company and is already mentally making a second-date schedule. Your date is playing with her/his food with her/his fork and you’re wondering if he/she will ever eat it at all.

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