Where To Eat in Greencastle, Pennsylvania: Mrs Gibbles Restaurant

Mrs Gibble's Restaurant

I love supporting local businesses wherever I go. I think whatever their business is, you always get a personalized service and not a generic one which you’d probably receive from big companies most of the time. That is the case when we had our lunch at Mrs Gibbles Restaurant in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

It was my last full day at my Mom’s so they decided to take me out for lunch. They know that I’m not fussy when it comes to food, as long as it’s good and filling – I’m alright. Having visited the restaurant for quite a few times, my Mom suggested Mrs. Gibble’s Restaurant. We had to call ahead though to make sure that they are accommodating to diners with allergies for my nephew. They confirmed that they do make special dishes according to each dietary requirements so we didn’t waste any more time and decided to go ahead with it.

Mrs Gibble's Restaurant

We were running late so we called them again to inform of our delay and they have advised that it’s ok since they were cleaning our table ¬†with a special cleaning materials since the previous diners ordered a dish with peanuts in it. Just one of my nephew’s allergies. I like the fact that they are willing to go out of the way to accommodate such delicate circumstances. We haven’t even arrived there yet and I already knew that I will like it.

Mrs Gibble's Restaurant

The unlimited and complimentary fritters. Yum!

The restaurant looks like a small diner – very cozy. Our waitress was informative and very patient. I ordered smoked pork ribs (my last pork meal before I headed back to Doha), my mother had a 4pc fried chicken, my sister had delmonico steak and my nephew had grilled chicken with broccoli. They offer complimentary fritters which you can enjoy endlessly. Lol. It’s really very tasty!

Mrs Gibble's Restaurant

My smoked pork ribs.

Mrs Gibble's Restaurant

The famous fried chicken! YUMMMM!

I loved my smoked pork ribs but I must say that I was actually envious of my mom’s fried chicken. It may be the simplest dish they have but I was told that it’s their most famous one. Very tasty, crispy on the outside and incredibly juicy in the inside. Writing about it now makes my mouth water. My sister’s delmonico steak was also really good, it was a bit sweet which my Filipino-taste buds loved. Their house salad dressing was something else too, I would definitely want to know what their secret ingredient is. It’s so good that I bought a bottle of their salad dressing from their shop. Now that I’m back in Doha, I’m wishing I bought more than a bottle because it’s almost finished now.

It’s a great restaurant, a very good suggestion from my Mom and I think it’ll be one of those places which I just have to visit whenever I go to my Mom’s. I really do love it!

Mrs. Gibbles's Candies and Restaurant
7325 Molly Pitcher Highway
Greencastle, PA 17225
(717) 375-4522


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