Where I stayed in Strasbourg: Le Kleber Hotel

From Paris, I took the train from Gare de l’est at 1142hrs and arrived at Strasbourg train station at 1405. One tip when taking the train, be there much earlier than your departure time specially if you’re not very familiar of using the rail system. I was at Gare de l’est at around 11am and I still almost missed the train. I spent almost 40mins running around the station trying to figure out where to go to validate my Rail Europe ticket and where the platform was for the train.

When I arrived in Strasbourg, I was greeted by a very warm weather. My legs felt like it was being baked inside my boots and I began sweating profusely like I myself was being baked as well inside my jacket. I felt so out-of-place with my very “winter-y” clothes on while everyone around me was wearing shorts, slippers and tank tops. I was not prepared for that weather, not that I don’t like it but all the clothes that I had with me were for the cold. The weather application on my iphone told me that it will be between 5-10 degrees celsius on the day that I was to arrive in Strasbourg, not 24 degrees! Dragging the two suitcases with me, I braved the heat of the sun and walked towards the center of Strasbourg. The train station was about 15-20minutes away from the center itself on foot. However, I got lost and it took me about 45 minutes to get to my hotel which was actually right at the tram stop, it would’ve been easier for me if I took the tram. Luckily though – a friendly, good-looking and English-speaking French student showed me the way to Place Kleber as he was also going towards there. Phone numbers were not exchanged, just to be clear and no, I didn’t see him after that. Oh well! :p

The view from the entrance of Le Kleber Hotel.

The view from the entrance of Le Kleber Hotel.

I was so tired from the long walk and the heat so the sight of my room at the Le Kleber Hotel made me giggle in delight. It was pretty, it was clean, it was big and it had the perfect location. Among all the hotels that I’ve stayed in during this trip, this was the best (of course not including the hotels included in the business trip) and I couldn’t have made a better choice. As mentioned before, my decision as to which hotel I will stay in a particular city while traveling will mostly be judged by the following criteria:

1. Good reviews from previous guests (specially about the cleanliness of the room and the bathroom).
2. Affordable
3. Location

Le Kleber Hotel is what you’re looking for if you have the same requirements as I do. There were lots of good reviews about it and I just can’t believe that none of those reviewers mentioned how awesome and perfect the property was. It actually surpassed my expectations and I couldn’t believe that I paid only EUR55 for a night’s stay in this fantastic hotel and I also think that it deserves at least a 3 star and not a 2. To start of the room was spotless clean, huge (for France standards) and had a really fresh/young design.


The bathroom is the same – clean and big. Seriously though, the amenities that they have is not what I have expected considering the amount that I paid for it. I think it was too cheap.



I didn’t book breakfast as there were lots of cafes and restaurants around and I actually do prefer to eat outside of the hotel. The property is highly recommended (isn’t it obvious yet?) specially for a solo woman traveler since it is in a perfectly safe and accessible location. If you are not happy after you stayed in this hotel, you will not be happy anywhere. You’re probably a very miserable, demanding and unhappy person who’s got no money to book a 5 star property and expect a 5 star facility from a 2 star hotel.

You may visit their website here: Le Kleber Hotel Website

Disclaimer: The review is valid at the time of the author’s stay in the hotel which was the 14th of April 2013. Just in case the hotel changes its management and will not put the maintenance of the property in priority. :p


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