Where I stayed in Paris: Campanile Tour Eiffel Paris 15

After the business trip, as hard as it is, I need to face the reality that I’m not a luxurious traveler and that I will have to give up my little piece of heaven in Marriott Champs Elysees and transfer to a more down-to-earth level of a hotel room in Campanile Tour Eiffel Paris 15.

The decision of making the reservation in this property came to a rigorous process of researching for a property which qualifies to my requirements:

1. Good reviews from previous guests (I’m always looking out for reviews about the cleanliness of the room and the bathroom).
2. Affordable
3. Location (must be nearby a metro station)

Well, the property couldn’t have fit those qualifications better as it had good reviews in both booking [dot] com and tripadvisor, it is affordable and the location is absolutely perfect. I can see the Eiffel Tower as soon as I get out of the building. The nearest metro station is the Dupleix station which is about 5-10mins away from the hotel by walking. I actually noticed at the time that Paris is a very well-connected city and you can find a metro station in just about anywhere. So going to all the places that I’d like to visit wasn’t really a big hassle for me. The area as well is very safe, I never felt threatened even if I’m walking all by myself at night. The staff all speaks perfect English and very helpful too. I did not book a breakfast so I wasn’t able to try it out. There’s a bakery across the street and a cafe just beside the hotel which is where I mostly go for breakfast.

The web photos though are a bit misleading. Well not a bit, it IS misleading since the rooms did not look like the ones they have published on the internet at all. On the first night, we took a twin room since a colleague of mine joined me. The twin room was too small even for 2 Asian girls. We did not have any room for our luggage and it’s hard to go around the tiny area. The toilet is too cramped as well, so cramped that I had to sit sideways on their toilet bowl to fit. LOL. I transfered to a single room for the rest of my stay which is of decent size, for one person at least. Although I still had the same problem with the bathroom being so cramped. Amidst the size, I still liked it since it’s clean. I couldn’t complain on the cleanliness of the whole property in general.



What I really liked about the hotel though is the neighborhood that it’s in. It’s a residential area but very quiet. I slept with the windows open to let in some air and I never had any problems with the noise at night or even in the morning. I usually leave the hotel at around 9am though so I’m not sure if it gets crazily noisy after that time.

Will I recommend it to other travelers? If you have the same requirements as I have for a hotel property, yes definitely.

Will I ever stay there again? After staying in Paris for 5 days, I somehow got to know the city better. I’ll probably stay closer to the Opera or Bastille or maybe even stay in Montmartre area which I have tried to avoid for this vacation since I’ve read a lot of mixed comments about the safety issues in that place but found that area quite ok. However, I really don’t mind staying again in Campanile Tour Eiffel.


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  • jj September 14, 2013 at 22:29

    how much does it cost?

    • Pinay Flying High September 15, 2013 at 07:04

      I think around 50eur per night or maybe even less

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