Where I Stayed in Parga: Valtos Beach Hotel

Valtos Beach Hotel, Parga, Greece

From Corfu to Parga, we started our journey by taking the Eleni ferry going to Igoumenitsa. The ferry ride was about 2 hours and we paid a roundtrip fare of EUR68 for two passengers and a car. The ferry was of decent size with an indoor seating area with air-conditioning and an outdoor/upper deck seating area for all those who want to get some sun. I’d highly recommend for anyone to bring a book with you or anything that you can do during the ride as you’ll definitely get bored.

Once in Igoumenitsa, we started our way down to Parga which took us about an hour of driving. We arrived in Valtos Beach Hotel at around 2 in the afternoon and was immediately greeted by a hotel staff and gave us direction where to park. The parking area had a very small space but we never had any problems parking there for the whole duration of our stay. Our bags were then brought by another hotel staff to the reception. Well this I warn you, this hotel has a lot of stairs and for someone as unfit as I am – you’ll definitely get winded everytime you climb those stairs. LOL. I was teasing the boyfriend that we should never ever forget something inside the room when we’re going out because I’ve no intention of climbing back up there just to get something – I’ll leave whatever it is and just face the day without it. Well thankfully, we’ve never forgotten anything – except for the boyfriend’s eyeglasses once. Of course he got it himself. 🙂

At the reception area, we were greeted by a very friendly guy explaining everything that we may possibly need. Breakfast is served from 6 to 10 in the morning, wi-fi is free in public areas and inside the rooms, the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and they even have Greek nights every week. They’ve got a beach bar as well just opposite the hotel right at the beach. The name of the hotel may be a bit misleading because it is not right at the beach, it is however located right in front of the Valtos beach across the road which we don’t really mind. They also have a jacuzzi and a pool of decent size, we were not able to use both as we were always out at the beach. They’ve got a lot of sunbeds at the pool area but considering the number of rooms that they have, I do believe it won’t be enough if the hotel is running full. After all the formalities of checking in, we were then led by the same guy who brought our bags to the reception to our room. The climb once again left me winded and I told the boyfriend to give this very friendly and very nice hotel staff who carried our two bags as we climbed those stairs a good tip. He did and the hotel staff was quite happy about it. It was not even 15 minutes since we arrived and we were already feeling good about this hotel – the staff were nice, location was good and the room was amazing!


It was a large and a very spacious room with a a seating area and a very good natural lighting. The toilet was very clean and spacious as well with a lot of towels which was regularly changed and well-stocked toiletries.



The shower area was an enclosed cubicle and I must say that I’ve had the best shower in this hotel for the whole duration of our trip. I’m not very sure why but it’s probably because of the temperature of the water, it wasn’t too cold nor too hot and was easy to adjust.


And my most favorite part about our room was the balcony – we had a big balcony with a sun bed, table and chairs and the view from this balcony is absolutely amazing!




With that kind of view, I’m surprised that I was even able to get out of the room and not just sit there admiring what I’m seeing. The breakfast at the hotel was ok, nothing special about it although they do serve scrambled eggs, bacon and some sausages but there was not much variety for the whole duration of our stay. It was the same every single day.

The hotel is located in front of the Valtos beach with a long stretch of sandy shore. Whenever we were spending some time at this beach, we were usually staying at the rightmost side of it to avoid the crowd. The beach is surrounded by small hills which makes it very scenic. Parga town is also located about 20 minutes away by foot from the hotel. It is a steep climb though with lots of stairs but the way towards the town is really charming. Restaurants, souvenir shops and grocery stores are abundant in the area. There are also some other hotels but I think we really did choose the best one.



I immensely enjoyed my stay in this property – it has everything that I will ever need for a beach holiday. It’s extremely surprising that it’s only a 3 star property.

Valtos Beach Hotel

Valtos, GR 48060 Parga

Tel: +30 26840 31005, Fax: +30 26840 31904

Email: valtosbe@otenet.gr, info@valtosbeach.gr

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