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Chatwal New York

After our wedding, the husband and I together with his family went off on a roadtrip for our 6-day stay in New York City. I’ve mentioned it before but I will mention it again, don’t even think about renting a car in New York. We were stuck in traffic for almost an hour and ended up parking our car elsewhere and just walked towards our hotel with all our bags in tow. Traffic was that bad.

Chatwal New York

Chatwal New York

Chatwal New York


Chatwal New York

The bar

The Chatwal, New York City is part of the Luxury Collection Hotel with a prime location in the heart of Manhattan’s Theatre District – a stone’s throw away from Broadway, Times Square and Rockefeller Center. Although the hotel was too small, it did a good job to maintain a luxurious facade maximizing what little space they have. The black and red motif emanates a very elegant and superior feel to the Art Deco style of the property. Staff were all attentive and service was excellent, everyone had a smile on their face as we went out in the morning and back in the evening. Their in-house Lambs Club is a good place to have your pre-dinner drinks specially during the nights when they have live jazz band performing.

Chatwal New York

We went there as part of a holiday with the husband’s family but considered it to be a pre-honeymoon vacation as we were bound to go to Dominican Republic afterwards. The hotel was quick to send us a complimentary champagne to our room on our 3rd night when they found out about this celebration that we’re having. It was the best feeling ever! As a travel agent, I always arrange something special for all my guests who are on a holiday to celebrate something and it’s such a great feeling when finally, you’re at the receiving end of it. All thanks to The Chatwal New York and their very attentive social media staff for arranging this most-appreciated surprise.

The room that we had was quite small. We later found out that our room was only the connected smaller room to the bigger room that we were interconnected to where the husband’s parents were sleeping. So much for a honeymoon yes? Lol. What it lacked in size, they made up for it though in the room’s luxurious design. Suede-covered walls and leather-wrapped closets, desks and nightstands adorned the room. The bathroom was surrounded by glass walls to give out an illusion of space, I love their very modern and high-tech toilet and TV inside the mirror by the sink. 🙂

Chatwal New York

The tiny bed.

Chatwal New York

Sitting area

The bed was small for the husband and I, that’s probably what I can give as a very important tip for anyone who’s planning to stay at The Chatwal New York – make sure that your room is not interconnected to another room just to make sure that you won’t get the smaller one. Their housekeeping was a bit of a let down as well. For all the 5 nights that we stayed there, I did not see the room cleaned well apart from the time that we checked in. It seems to me like the housekeeping staff only focused on the bathroom and the bed and forgot that there is another part inside the room such as the seating area and the desk beside it. We went back to our room once and we saw our pajamas carelessly sprawled on the couch, not folded or anything just sprawled all over the couch like someone threw it there as if it was in their way. Another time, I found the empty sandwich bag on the desk where I left it that morning after hurriedly eating it before we left for the day. The table in front of the couch was always a mess whenever we arrive back in our room, I never complained about as it didn’t really bothered me that much since the most important thing for me anyway is for the bed and the bathroom to be clean all the time – which they did. But for a luxury 5-star property, I was probably expecting more. To be very honest, it was the worst housekeeping service I’ve ever had in all the years that I’ve been traveling – mind you, I’m staying mostly in 3 or 4 star properties.

We checked out on our 6th day at around 6am and the concierge was quick to hail us a cab. The front desk agent inquired about our stay in their hotel, concerned if we have any comments or suggestions. Despite the not-so-good housekeeping service, it was still a very good 6-day stay that we’ve had in The Chatwal New York City. The location, the service and the luxury of it all makes your New York City holiday a breeze.

The Chatwal New York City
Central Reservations: 866-961-3786
Website: The Chatwal NY

Note: The hotel was not aware that we were honeymooners at the time of check-in. I’m sure that if they did, they wouldn’t have given us an interconnecting room. It was only when I checked in on Foursquare and the hotel contacted me did they found out about our celebration.

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