Where I Ate in Strasbourg: Le Kyoto

My train was departing at 4:10pm from Strasbourg to my next destination so basically, I still had almost the whole day in Strasbourg to roam around which is exactly what I did. At around 3pm, I decided to have a quick lunch at a Japanese restaurant that I passed by the day before to which I have mentally noted that I will have my dinner there but it was already closed at 10pm. I sat down on one of their outdoor tables and browsed thru their menu. It wasn’t translated to English but having spent almost a week in France at that time already, I somehow got the hang of the French food language:

Boeuf – beef
Porc – pork
Poulet – chicken
Poisson – fish

My very basic French food language knowledge together with the photos shown on the menu made me decide that I will have the riz boeuf avec soupe maison which is also called M10 on their menu. Saying M10 is much easier and the waitress immediately understood what I wanted without having the need to talk the sign language to her. It’s also good that I’m not a very fuzzy diner who doesn’t request too much things whenever they eat in a restaurant. I wonder how they survive in a country who doesn’t speak their language? Or maybe they just stop their annoying ways altogether when they’re out of their own country. They do annoy me really, except of course if their request had to do with an allergy or something but other than that, they’re just plainly annoying. Do you think so too?

My food came which smelled divine and looked just as how it was on the photo in the menu. I have not had Japanese food for a very long time so seeing and smelling this dish was heaven for me. I was right when I thought that it was a teriyaki beef. They served it with a miso soup which was also good. It was a huge serving so I wasn’t able to finish the rice but made sure that I eat all of the boeuf. 🙂 I downed it all with an iced tea. The total price was EUR13.30.



For reservations, you may visit their website here: Le Kyoto.
For more Strasbourg photos, do visit my Facebook page: Pinay Flying High.


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  • trainwestcan2espanot June 1, 2013 at 16:21

    Looks fantastic and a marvellous place.

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