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Where I Ate in Paris: Galeries Lafayette

May 1, 2013

We had one of our lunch meetings in one of the restaurants of Galeries Lafayette called L’Archicafé. It was a very small one which can probably fit approximately 25 people at once. These were what we had:



That salad was perfect! I specially liked the grilled eggplant the most but the fusion of all the vegetable’s flavors were awesome. At that point in time (with a slight hangover in my head), I kept telling myself that it was the best salad that I’ve ever had. It cured my hangover by the way.

Main course

Main course

The ravioli is filled with goat cheese. I’m not a big fan of goat cheese but the combination with a creamy sauce was great! There were only a few pieces of it and I was actually a little bit disappointed when I saw that they served us a typical French serving – tiny amounts of food. LOL. But it was actually very filling, so filling that I forced myself to eat that one last piece of ravioli.

For dessert, they served us the famous Laduree macarons in different flavors. I specially liked the pistachio flavor as it’s not too sweet.

So basically, the French served us Italian food in Paris and I couldn’t be any happier as I LOVE Italian cuisine. 🙂

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