Where I Ate in Kastraki: Taverna Gardenia

After taking a shower, we went out of the hotel to find a taverna where we can have our dinner. I just realized that I haven’t eaten anything since I left Dubai as I didn’t eat much of the breakfast and the flight with Aegean Airlines from Athens to Thessaloniki only served a croissant which I didn’t touch as well. Having said that, I was looking for something really heavy. At 10 in the evening, yes – not very healthy but who cares? I’m on a holiday! 🙂

We went to Taverna Gardenia which was recommended to us by the friendly owner of the hotel where we’re staying – Pyrgos Adrachti. It was very near the hotel but the boyfriend wanted to drive as the roads in Kastraki are quite steep. It would’ve been quite a hike for us on the way back to the hotel.

The taverna is very close to the main church of Kastraki. It’s a family owned restaurant which also had rooms to offer for rent. We were there in the evening so we missed the views of the rocks from this restaurant which I came across on tripadvisor:

Photos of Taverna Gardenia, Kastraki
This photo of Taverna Gardenia is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Photos of Taverna Gardenia, Kastraki
This photo of Taverna Gardenia is courtesy of TripAdvisor

I have read somewhere that Meteora may not be the best on seafood cuisine but they have very good quality of meat so I ordered pork chops while the boyfriend ordered lamb chops. Tzatziki, grilled zucchini and drinks came along with it of course.


I’m not really sure if the pork chops tasted good to me plainly because it’s very rare for me to have one in Dubai or if it was THAT good. I stuffed my face with it as soon as it was served on my table until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I wasn’t able to finish it though as the serving was too many. The boyfriend ended up finishing some of it. The boyfriend didn’t sound too excited about his lamb chops though. I’m not very sure why as I didn’t get to taste it.

After the meal, they gave us watermelons for dessert which is for free. That’s how Greek tavernas are mostly, they offer free desserts to their diners after every meal. Nice hey?

We’ve paid about EUR45 for the full meal which really came to me as surprise. Comparing it to Dubai prices, it’s extremely cheap! But of course, you will never see a taverna in Dubai.

Taverna Gardenia
Website: Meteora Plakias
Tel: +30 24320 22504
Email: plakiasn@gmail.com
Mobile: +30 6972700698


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