Dubai: The Rib Room in Jumeira Emirates Towers

We joined the rest of Dubai in the Jumeirah Restaurant Week quite late, well actually it wasn’t quite late – it was very late as we had our dinner last 31st of May, the last Friday of this event.

About Jumeirah Restaurant Week:

Jumeirah Restaurant Week first took place in May 2012 following the introduction of the popular concept of Restaurant Week in luxury destinations around the globe including New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. This annual event aims to highlight the wide range of high quality culinary offerings available from Jumeirah Group and showcases iconic Jumeirah hotels and restaurants worldwide.


It was such a shame that we were not able to make the most out of it since we had all these fantastic restaurants around us which offered a good value for money to try out their set menu all priced either AED120 for casual dining and AED180 for signature restaurants. Burj Al Arab even had two their restaurants joining this event with a AED270 price for each. I will definitely look out for it next year.

I have always planned on dining at The Rib Room however, the description of this restaurant on their website always puts me off: Fine Dining For Meat Lovers. I hate fine dining restaurants, I think they’re all pretentious and they all rip you off with an overpriced menu and the food that they’ll serve you will be as tiny as a button of your shirt served on a plate which will occupy half of your table. Also, I don’t like to go to these places because people who normally go there are there to be “seen” and not to eat. You know what I mean?

So last Friday when I walked in the restaurant, I was taken aback. It wasn’t as “fine” as I thought it would be. I don’t mean it as a bad way but I just felt like it’s a normal and proper restaurant which didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, maybe a swarovski crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling or maybe a princess swooshing her way around the restaurant. I don’t really know. What I’m really sure is, it doesn’t look pretentious at all. The interior was great, with warm earth colors which probably what gave this restaurant a welcoming atmosphere. The saxophone player was a good touch as well giving the whole place a relaxed and somehow romantic ambiance. Fortunately, we were given a table right away even if we didn’t have any reservations.



For starters, I had the Rib Room Salad which was absolutely amazing! I loved the sauce that they used which was somehow a little sweet but does not overpower the rest of the ingredients. And as you can see on the photo below, it wasn’t a tiny serving. 🙂


For main course, I had the Char grilled New Zealand beef tenderloin which again was fantastic! I wanted to give a slow clap and a standing ovation to the chef as soon as I had the first bite. I didn’t have to struggle cutting the meat into pieces as it was so tender. I just didn’t like the cocoa-ish sauce that they put alongside it. I’m not really sure what it was, it tasted bitter so I think it’s cocoa. You may of course, correct me if I am wrong.


The meat was so filling that I wasn’t able to finish it all. As many of you know by now, I never waste food and I really very seldom not finish the food on my plate. It happens so rare that the boyfriend asked me if I was feeling ok that night at The Rib Room. So this just means that it was really very filling.

After the main course, we both had an urge to take a short break and we went to the next door Agency bar to have a drink while the boyfriend smokes his cigar. After a few minutes, we were informed by our lovely waitress that our dessert was ready and she asked us if she should serve it at the bar for us or if we prefer to eat it on our dining table, we chose the latter.


We had an American cheesecake with strawberry ice cream. Now I’m not really big into sweets and I normally skip desserts but this one was fantastic. It was a very good way to end this extraordinary meal, really – hats off to the chef. And just like the evening wasn’t already marvelous for us, they also gave us a free muffin to take home.


I now take everything I said about my impression of this restaurant, it wasn’t a rip off like all the other fine dining restaurants out there. In fact, for the very first time, I really felt like we’ve paid just enough for a meal that was served to us considering the quality of each servings all done to perfection. It was THAT good. Will I ever go back to The Rib Room? Definitely.


The drinks were a bit overpriced though, AED85 for a Sherry Goblet? What? :p

For reservations, you may visit their website here: The Rib Room.
The Rib Room Menu
Location: Jumeirah Emirates Towers


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  • nadamohammed June 3, 2013 at 23:59

    Maybe the sauce was Worcestershire sauce or steak sauce. I’m just guessing. I use both when making steak. the Worcestershire sauce is bitter, it’s used as a marinade as well.

    • Pinay Flying High June 4, 2013 at 07:30

      No because I love worcestershire and that is not bitter for me. Also not steak sauce, I eat loads of steak to know that it’s not any of the sauce I had before. Lol

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