Dubai: Nell Gwynne Pub in Marina Byblos Hotel

When I walked in Nell Gwynne Pub, the interior made me feel like I was taken back in time. The decor was so medieval that I think I expected knights to walk in the pub still wearing their steel armors and would order a beer. The place is surrounded by stone bricks which I’m not so sure if it’s real or not. Anyway, it was a different atmosphere. It would’ve been nice if the waitresses were also dressed in corsets and elaborate gowns to complete the feel of the Medieval era. LOL.


As soon as we sat down, a bowl of popcorn was put on our table. The boyfriend ordered a beer and I stupidly ordered a margarita. Right after I placed my order, the boyfriend told me: YOU SHOULD NEVER ORDER COCKTAIL IN A PUB as it doesn’t always turn out good he said. Well, he was right. The margarita tasted so bitter that not even the salt along the rim of the glass can wash it off. After about 4 sips, I switched to Heineken shandy. 🙂

It's beer o'clock!

It’s beer o’clock!

We went there for a beer as our pre-dinner drinks. We were planning to try out the Korean restaurant in the same hotel for dinner but after seeing the very pork-friendly menu that they have, we decided that we’ll have our dinner in Nell Gwynne pub as well. 🙂


Well luckily, they were having a promotion every Thursdays and Fridays. Choose 2 from any of their selected main courses plus a bottle of wine (red, white or rose) and pay for only AED170.


Sounds like a good deal to me. So at dinner time, I ordered pork chops with onion mashed potato, steamed vegetables and apple sauce and the boyfriend ordered Nell’s Homemade burger with crispy and chunky handcut chips and green salad.


My pork chops were awesome as well the burger according to the boyfriend. They served two thinly sliced portions of the pork chops which I think was a reasonable serving. The only thing that I didn’t like from my plate was the gravy, I think it’s not too thick which is how I prefer my gravy to be.


At around 9pm, a live band started playing. I’ve read a lot of good things about the band before going there, well they were good. I just think they play all of the songs a little faster than how it’s supposed to be. You be the judge:


Is it just me or do you also think that even Adam Levine will be winded if he sings this song the same way? :p

Anyway, to sum it all up, this pub will be visited again by yours truly. That’s for sure.



Last night, Thursday, I went back to this pub with my friend Cherry and it was a blast! The place was packed and the band can really get the party started. It was a really fun night. I had BLT sandwich (with pork) which was too salty for my taste and downed it with Heineken shandies.


The only problem we had there was while we were waiting for the bill, this arrogant bouncer asked us rudely if we are still going to order some more drinks. Of course he doesn’t know that we were just waiting for the bill then and we’re ready to go. He wanted us to leave right away because some people would like to have our table. Mind you, we were there from 8pm until 11:30pm. We had dinner and drinks, it’s not like we hogged on that table with just a glass of beer the entire night. I let it pass because I didn’t want to ruin my evening. Next time though, I will punch him in the face if he do that again. On the other hand, the rest of the staff were awesome. We’ll try out their Friday brunch today. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


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