Where I Ate in Cebu: Mooon Cafe, The Walk, Cebu IT Park

Mooon Cafe, Cebu IT Park

I remember going to Cebu IT Park to hang out with friends during those days when I used to frequent this city when I was still living in the Philippines and how I have always enjoyed being there. So when the Greek Mister and myself had an unplanned stopover in Cebu, I already knew where I would bring him which I’m pretty sure he would love to. I wasn’t wrong.

Cebu IT Park isn’t how I remembered it though, it’s now more vibrant than ever. Numerous new buildings and restaurants have sprung so it made me feel like I was visiting the place for the first time once again. No matter how much it changed, it still brought the same feeling for me as I stood in the middle of all the organized chaos of this part of the city – it made me feel…. young! Hah! The vibe of the whole place makes you feel so – it’s young, hip, lively and active. I felt like I was back in my early 20’s. :p

I told our cab driver what our mission was for that evening, we want to grab some food and drinks and he dropped us off in front of The Walk – a strip full of restaurants and some bars. The first restaurant we saw was Mooon Cafe which at that time, was buzzing and full of people. As we no longer have enough energy to walk around and look for some other places to eat, we went straight to Mooon Cafe and got ourselves a table outside. Service was quick and as what Cebuanos are famously known for, the staff were all very friendly too.

Mooon Cafe, Cebu IT Park


Mooon Cafe, Cebu IT Park

Pork Sizzling Sisig

Mooon Cafe, Cebu IT Park

Crispy Pata

Nachos wasn’t that good, the sisig was quite ok and the crispy pata was amazing!!! Of course my tastebus’ a little bit biased as I have not eaten crispy pata for a very long time so I’m not sure if it was really that good or it was just the longing I have for it which made it taste like it’s made of pure heaven. :p Crispy pata is deep-fried pork knuckles so yes, it’s full of all things that’s bad for you which explains why it’s so good! Lol.

The food may not be that great but it was the ambiance and the feeling that I was back in a place which I have considered as my favorite city for quite some time and realizing that I have actually missed it.

The Greek Mister fell in love with Cebu that night too, as we finished our dinner – he was already planning of our next vacation to the Philippines which will include Cebu as one of our stops. 🙂


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  • Lou-Ann Sabino April 13, 2015 at 09:31

    I miss crispy pata! Gerry’s Grill here in Qatar have an alternate option, the crispy tadyang ng baka, its beef counterpart.

  • Mitzie Mee April 12, 2015 at 07:42

    I have the same feeling about Khao San Road. That place never fails to take me back to the 22-year-old backpacking, Tiger-beer drinking me:) I’m curious about that crispy pata. What do they do to make it crispy? Deep fry it or just put it in the oven?

    • Pinay Flying High April 12, 2015 at 20:54

      It’s deep fried. The healthiest option. Lol.

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