Where can I buy alcohol in Dubai?

That’s the question all of the expats think about as soon as you arrive in the new land of opportunity. It’s actually not a secret that Dubai is a very open city compared to the other cities in the GCC which is probably one of the main reasons why this place has been seducing tourists and expats alike to visit or live in the city for so many years now. Although alcohol is openly available in numerous bars or clubs around Dubai, one can’t help but notice how overpriced or diluted these drinks can be. There’s always the MMI, the only licensed liquor store in Dubai. However it still is a little bit pricey since the taxes are very high and you are limited to the number of alcohol that you can buy.

Well, don’t fret you sinners because there are actually a lot of liquor stores around the UAE (sadly nothing in Dubai) where you can buy your poison. I know there is one in Ajman, Fujeirah and even Abu Dhabi however I am not really familiar where those stores are located in those Emirates but I can tell you now the location of the store in Umm Al Quwain. From Dubai, just take the Emirates Road going towards Umm Al Quwain. We actually got lost a lot of times because there were a lot of roadworks going on (this is the UAE after all). Once you’ve past through all those hazards and diversions and you have found yourselves in the track of Emirates Road (now called Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road) towards Umm Al Quwain, just watch out for the billboard of Dreamland Aqua Park. Take the next exit after the signage and it should lead you to a roundabout, take the left exit. The road hereon will be long with the desert on both your sides. If you’re lucky, you might even see some camels roaming around like they own the place. At the end of this road, past through numerous roundabouts, take a right on the T-junction. Again, it’s quite a long ride once again and my landmark to this place is the first gasoline station that you will see on your right-hand side. Once you’ve past by it, take the left-most side of the road and make a U-Turn. After the U-turn, you should see Dreamland Aquapark on your right. Now here’s the tricky part, once you’ve past by Dreamland Aquapark – watch out for an arch which says Barracuda Beach Resort. It’s probably a few hundred meters away from Dreamland so might as well slow down so you won’t miss it. The arch then leads you straight to the liquor store’s parking area. No rights nor lefts, just go straight. The store itself is very hard to miss, just follow the mass of people where they’re headed.

The store itself isn’t a dingy little place like what I have imagined it to be. It does look like a Duty Free Shop with a lot of choices of wines, champagnes, beers from all over the world and just about any alcoholic beverage you can think of. As soon as I entered, I knew I had to take a cart with me.


And these are what I was able to hoard from that trip:



From which country would you like your beer to come from? :)

From which country would you like your beer to come from? 🙂

Now stop judging me, it’s a long way from Dubai and we may not be able to go back until after a few months (or less).

P.S. You can easily use your GPS to get to the right location. You can either search for Dreamland Aqua Park or Barracuda Beach Resort as your destination.


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  • jane July 12, 2014 at 04:56

    Thanks for the information. Does this store in UAQ also request for license ?

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