When The Sun’s Out in London (And Lunch in Tramshed)

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You know you’ve integrated well with the British ways when you go crazy as soon as you see the sun shining! It’s been a long and (extremely) cold winter this year in London and as much as I prefer the cold more than the heat, I think I could use some sun right about now.

When the sun’s out so are we and the rest of London. It was extremely busy in the train and tube stations yesterday and almost every establishments which offer an outdoor seating area were packed. We were quite lucky that we’re able to immediately find an empty table which had just been vacated at Juju’s Bar and Stage – a trendy warehouse space in Brick Lane with not just one but two outdoor seating areas.

After some drinks, we went for a walk towards Shoreditch and had our lunch at Tramshed as recommended by our foodie friend who seems to be always updated with all the popular and up and coming restaurants around the city. Walking into a huge open space with a life-size cock and bull sculpture in the middle of it all, Tramshed gives you the hip and cool vibe that all Shoreditch restaurants seem to have.

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I had the most amazing buttermilk fried chicken burger with kimchi mayo, it may seem to be the simplest in the menu but they didn’t skimp on its taste. The buttermilk coating wasn’t too thick so you actually get filled up by the juicy and tasty chicken meat. The kimchi mayo gives it the slightest kick of spice which made it all the more interesting. I absolutely loved it!

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Service was good although they kind of kicked us out of the place, not their fault though as we’ve lost track of time and didn’t realize that we’ve been sitting there long after we’ve finished our meal and didn’t order anything else. I’ll definitely go back, if only they have an outdoor seating area – that would’ve been more fab!

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Next week, we’re supposed to have 22C weather and while I probably won’t be able to enjoy it as much since I’ll be working during the weekend – I sure won’t pass up the chance to go to the local pub after work for a pint or two.

Note: All photos above were taken with my huawei phone, I’m seriously impressed with its quality. 🙂


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  • Trainswestca2espano April 17, 2018 at 08:38

    Like your choice of liquid refreshment. We too drink Rekoderleg down under
    When I first visited London 1990 it was sunny for 7 weeks, rain and wind arriving on the last Friday as I was touring on the open top double decker around south LOndon. Flew out noon the next day.

  • John Richard April 15, 2018 at 12:58

    Waoo nice quality of picture please tell me model and price by the way nice Article.

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