When in Rome

Started the day at 8am and went straight to the Vatican City. I wanted to attend the mass since that’s the most smart thing to do when you’re in Rome and a catholic. Although the Pope is in the US at the time, so he won’t be the one celebrating the mass. But anyways, it’s the Church of all Churches (Catholic that is) so I had to attend the mass. Arrived at the Vatican square, tired and surprised. I think all of Italy came down to the Vatican to attend the mass. It was packed!!!!!!! No way am going to fall in line in that huge mass of people, so I stood in a shady part of the square and did my prayers from there. (Yes, I do pray). It is customary for us Catholics, that if we visit a church for the first time, we have to pray 3 Hail Mary’s and wish for something and it will granted. So that’s just what I did. My wishes are:

1. World Peace – seriously, well actually it was more on my country’s peace. Annihilate all the corrupt officials of our government. That’s asking for too much, but at least I tried.

2. Safety and good health for my family – We’re scattered all over the world, so I really need that.

3. Boyfriend

4. An everlasting love.

Well the 4th wish, I prefer to receive it from the 3rd wish. But I am in no position to ask God why if ever He gives me number 3 and 4 separately. Thy will be done…. Hehehe. So anyways, I prayed hard for all those 4, hoping that it will all come true. Specially number 3. I mean, I am in Vatican – the residence of the Pope himself. I am at arm’s reach to God.



Enough of the nonsense. So after praying, I went to see Sistine Chapel just to find out that it’s closed on Sundays. WTF???? (sorry for my French) but seriously, WHY??????????? I would love to see Sistine Chapel specially now that Michelangelo is my favorite artist. So, I walked out of the Vatican with a sour face and went for a walk  around Rome. First stop was Trevi Fountain, then to the Mouth of Truth (which reminded me of the movie Only You, was it in that movie????), then to Piazza del Popollo, then to Pantheon, then to Spanish Steps (which I wasn’t able to take a picture of ‘coz you can no longer see the steps since it’s very crowded with all the Sunday tourists) then I had my Italian pizza. SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!! Italy won’t be Italy if I won’t try their gelattos. So amidst my sore throat, I bought an ice-cold gelatto. Then finally, I got tired…. Went back to the Spanish steps, sat in one of those chairs outside a restaurant and pulled out my copy of the KITE RUNNER. As soon as I finished the book, I realized that now I don’t have anything to do on the train ride tomorrow to Munich. Smart eh?

trevi fountain

trevi fountain

The thing about traveling alone – why I like it? Because I won’t have to check if the person am with is tired or not… I can take a break anytime I want. I can go anywhere I want which I think is interesting. What I don’t like about it? Nobody to take my pictures. 🙁 Sure, I’ve asked my co-tourists (is there such a word?) to take my pictures which are either not focused, will cut off the head of the statue or won’t include me on the picture altogether. I’ve met a lot of people during this Italy trip – there was the Turkish girl who’s traveling alone as well when I went to Florence, there was this Italian guy who gave me a discount for the ROME book I purchased from him and immediately asked me what will I be doing for that night, there was the Thai couple who thought I was Thai, the artist in Florence who told me to hold still as he paints my face (which really didn’t resemble me at all :p) and there was the Spanish guy with us on the Florence trip who just by looking at him I already knew he was gay – and I was right.

I love Italy better, because it’s warmer and the buildings are classic yet more on the Baroque side. (Am I talking art now?) I have no idea what Baroque is, but I think it fits Italy. Hehehe.


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