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October 14, 2011

I’m sick. That’s what’s up. The reason why I have been silent for a couple of days now. It all started with a vertigo attack. Most of you may think that I’m just making it up but I do hope that you will get it one of these days to make you realize how bad it is to have it. There are no warnings for me whenever I get it, it just happens. In a matter of a split second, my whole world is spinning in front of my eyes and it makes me want to throw up all the food that I ate in a whole month. The recent attack was last Tuesday, at work. I had to get out of my desk and sit in one corner to rest my eyes a little from the computer screen. When I went home, I was still feeling dizzy and slept as early as 7:30pm. I woke up the next day with a fever and a bad case of sinusitis. Being the good employee that I am *aherm*, I still went to work as I really don’t want to waste my whole day lying on my bed and I know for sure that I won’t be able to get the rest that I need since I will be bugged and bothered by work anyway the whole day. So instead of lying on my bed and knowing that my phone may ring after 15 minutes, I went to work and just wished to get through it alive by the end of the day. I did. Still with fever though. It went on and on until yesterday, Thursday. I was just so happy that it was the last day of the week yesterday and I’ll be able to get my well-deserved rest for two glorious days. Right now, I am under my blanket, at 11am, still feeling groggy from the meds that I’m taking but couldn’t go back to sleep because of the baby screaming his lungs out outside. This is one of those times when I hope that I have my own peaceful place, even just for the weekends.

We went to go on a paintball game last week and it was ok. Not as great as I thought it would be, it was just ok. The company, “Pursuit Games” in Oud Metha, did a good job of being unorganized. It seems to me like a bunch of drunkards suddenly had an idea of putting up a paintball game field after a night of drinking and throwing beer bottles at each other and then voila! Pursuit Games was founded. We arrived at the venue totally lost with no idea where to go and who should we talk to for our paintball game. Noone seems to know and seriously, noone seems to care. It was a complete chaos and I was not really a happy camper at the time. Anyway, during the game itself there was a point when I was stupidly standing in the middle of the field, like I’ve put myself as a bait for all of them to shoot me out in the open – which they all did. I was sprayed with paintball bullets but for whatever miraculous reasons, I didn’t get a paint on me at all BUT it doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. After the game, I had 3 round and violet bruises on my legs, 1 on my back and 1 on my ass. Stupid paintballs! Will I do it again? Maybe but not with Pursuit Games anymore.

I am missing the boyfriend, badly. It won’t be until next week that I will see him. Boo hoo!

Birthday is coming up! I’m turning 20! 🙂

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