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November 20, 2008

rescession is a myth. well, at least in our line of business and in our company. to start off, as soon as i walked in our office yesterday, i was bombarded by emails, phone calls, walk in clients and they’re all looking for flights/hotels/dhow cruise/desert safari etc. etc. the flights going out of the country are all full specially to cairo, beirut, amman, bangkok, kuala lumpur, singapore, hongkong for the eid holidays. not to mention the hotels as well. can you believe that the luxurious 7 star hotel – Burj Al Arab is fully booked for the eid? as well as the luxurious desert hotel Bab Al Shams. so for the whole day yesterday, i was not able to get up from my seat. not even had the time to pee. i was afraid that if i do get up, a pile of work will be piled up in my inbox and on my desk. so better not leave it. i thought people are not supposed to spend too much specially in leisure travel. but i’ve done so many ticket issuance wherein the passengers will agree to be booked on the regular economy fares as the promotional ones are sold out. that’s how badly they want to get out of this hell-hole for the eid. also, a lot of other outlets are opening up around the UAE. so our company is having a massive hiring from all over the world. when i had my training weeks ago in our training college, there were corporate inductions for newly hired employees EVERY-FREAKING-DAY!!!! when everybody else are sacking employees for cost-cutting, they’re hiring! hah! well, they need the manpower for the newly opened terminal and for the upcoming outlets. anyway, i truly want to go for the eid as well to take a break from everything. and when i get to work later, that’s the first thing am going to do. book myself in al hamra fort for the eid before they get sold out.

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