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July 18, 2010

my blogsite’s average hits per day is ranging from 20 to 40 hits, so i was apalled by the number of hits it got yesterday: 896 and it’s all because i’ve entitled my previous blogpost as “it sucks!”. these are some of the search engine terms/phrases that these perverts used yesterday and came across my blog just because of its title:

sucking d*&^
girls sucking
suck creampie
sucks facial

the other terms are too gross to post. how disappointed could they have been after clicking on my blogpage and finding a rather boring post about how the life of a whiny girl sucks? well, there goes an advice from me for all the blog writers out there, use a title which will “turn on” the creative minds of the perverts out in the universe. tee hee.

anyway, another random conversation with one of my passengers, a tourist who came from the UK traveling with his family.

passenger: your english is very excellent, where are you from?
Mi: i’m from…
passenger: no no wait, let me guess… China?
Mi: i always get that but no i’m not Chinese, i’m from…
passenger: Malaysia?
Mi: nope
passenger: then?
Mi: Philippines
passenger: oh? so whereabouts is the Philippines?
Mi: it’s in Asia, we are near Malaysia that’s why i look like them
passenger: really? i thought Philippines is in South America. when i hear the Philippines i usually think of palm trees with people underneath it sniffing cocaine.
Mi: i don’t think you will see people underneath palm trees sniffing cocaine in the Philippines, cocaine will be too expensive there. but yeah, we do have a lot of palm trees there, at least you’re right on that one…
passenger: maybe i’m thinking more of colombia not philippines.. sorry i’m very bad in geography…
Mi: well at least you got the palm trees right.

clearly, someone should put our country in the map…. i thought Manny Pacquiao and Lea Salonga already did it, but i guess not.

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