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What slowed down a hyperchick?

December 19, 2008

Thursday night, I was unbelievably home. My roomates were all shocked to see me in my pj’s as early as 10pm which on a normal Thursday night, I’d be throwing dresses on my bed, make-ups will be strewn all over the place, boxes of shoes will be everywhere as a result of trying everything which suits my dress best, my phone will be beeping/ringing non-stop and am in a hurry fixing my hair, make-up and dress while talking to my official Thursday-night driver: Larry on the phone telling him to wait for me for 5 minutes more (to which i have probably told him 5 times).I was not feeling well. I got a cold and knowing my very frail self that if i do get out that Thursday night and get exposed to the night air of this winter season of Dubai, I will definitely be spending 2 or 3 days at home nursing a flu. So I had to stay back and with herculian efforts that only I can manage, I had to say “no” to every invites that i got from that night. There was the shisha invite, there was the movie invite, there was the calabar invite and then there was the chill-at-home invite from a queer friend of mine. I would have taken the al ain invite anytime but someone was busy with 500 kids at that time. So, I stayed at home.

My colleagues at the office noticed my unusual silence as well. The normal me would usually spill out some Hindi words out of the blue that I got from the newspaper Express Thursday edition and they will laugh their asses off because of the wrong accent that i used when pronouncing the words. And when there’s really nothing to do, the normal me will usually stand in front of the counter and do a mime show for my colleagues and pretend that am going up/down the stairs/escalator. They love the escalator-stint. But for the past few days, I was just browsing the internet (what little access we have) or just staring blankly into spaces which would then result for them to ask me if something’s wrong or if my “indian” boyfriend broke up with me (they have concluded among themselves that i have an indian boyfriend because am trying to learn a lot of Hindi language and they won’t believe me when i tell them that the reason am trying to learn is because am the only Filipino among 4 Indians at the office). They crack me up, big time.

So anyway, I was not feeling well and didn’t go anywhere during this weekend. Lots of tempting invites to go out, but chose to stay home. Which I think is for the best. I do believe it is since I no longer have that pre-flu feeling that I’ve felt for the past 2 days.

So during the weekend, i watched a movie, read a book, pigged out on food, did my laundry and slept. Rejuvenated.

Christmas is coming. Parties?????? Bring it on!!!! :p

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