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August 18, 2008

You will find below my YM conversation with my good friend’s daughter – Kelly, a 7-year old ballerina who will soon make a mark in the ballet industry not to mention a heartbreaker in the making………
Kelly: Auntie Mi, I have a boyfriend at school. His name is Evan. And my boyfriend at the academy (referring to her ballet school) is Stan, he’s from Russia.

Mimi: What???? You have two boyfriends?
Kelly: Yes, mom said Stan is cuter but think evan is more cute than stan because evan speaks english and stan is not very good in english.

Mimi: And your mom knows about this???? Let me speak to her.
Kelly: mom knows, but dad doesn’t. its our secret. yesterday, at the school bus he hold my hands.
Mimi: it’s “held” darling. He held my hands you should say. So stan held your hands yesterday? Doesn’t your mom drops you off to school?

Kelly: noooooooooo auntie mi, evan is my boyfriend at school.
Mimi: ok, sorry. Am getting confused with the names of your boyfriends.
Kelly: evan is from school, stan is from the academy.
Mimi: ok ok I got it now
Kelly: do you have a boyfriend auntie mi?
Mimi: let’s not talk about that young lady… get your mom online, I need to speak to her.

Reactions and feedback:
* she’s got a boyfriend and I don’t have
* it’s not just one, she’s got two
* she’s 7yrs old for crying out loud!!!!

Seriously, something is wrong with the world today.

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