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What is religion?

March 30, 2010

i normally refuse to get myself into conversations with someone who’s got a different view about religion, politics and manny pacquiao. all these topics will always have a bad ending because noone will ever give in and both sides will stand firm on their grounds and will not be shaken. so i normally steer myself away from these topics, not because of lack of opinion, but to not start a very bad ending. (eh?)

when we went to amsterdam, there was a very sweet couple who was very nice to us and invited us for lunch and offered to tour us around. they were jehovah’s witnesses and as we were ending our tour the guy suddenly asked me this question: “who is Maria to you?”. so i innocently said: the mother of Christ. and “who is Christ?” was his next question, i answered “God” sensing a start of a religious battle in our conversation to which i would like to end as soon as possible. and his next bullet against Catholicism was: “so your God has a mother who’s a normal person? and how do you think she bacame pregnant with your God?”. with an irritated tone in my voice i said: “that’s what we call faith. and this faith has been giving us hope with all the struggles that we face in our lives. you’re a jehovah’s witness and i respect that but if you’re a good person as you claim to be being a jehovah’s witness, then you should also respect me as a Catholic and not criticize who i am because of my religion. you’re a nice guy and i don’t want to end this day hating you because you’re trying to persuade me to go on your side of religion, because i never will”. he dropped the conversation after that.

i’m not a very religious person, with the Catholic teachings i bet half of my body is already burning in hell as of this moment. but i still believe that there is life after death and i will be judged on how i lived my life on earth. i still believe that there is heaven and hell and would definitely not want to go to the latter. and i do believe that there is Someone more powerful than man up there and in times of dire needs, i cling helplessly to this faith. if someone will ask me what religion i belong to, i will not hesitate saying a Catholic although you will not see me much inside the church. i know it sounds so bad but i stopped attending church when i saw people around me who are just Catholics just for the sake of having a religion but never really follow the teachings.

what is religion if you can’t give forgiveness to your own brother? what is religion if you will break most of its commandments and make appease with it by going to church and praying with tears in your eyes to forgive you for what you have done? what is going to church if you speak badly of the people around you? and what is attending mass if the person who’s presiding it has been charged of child molestation and will take the “i’m-just-human” defense?

i have nothing against the people who are attending church, in fact i admire them for being very devout to their faith. but i am against those people who are being hypocrites and are just there just for the sake of being there, just to say that they have attended mass which makes it like a duty for them not as an act of faith. whoever will tell me that there are no hypocrites inside the church is a hypocrite him/herself. but i’m not saying that all of the people attending church are hypocrites, i can count with the fingers in one hand the people i know who attend church and abide by its teachings outside of it.

i, on the other hand, still pray… on my own. i refuse to be with the hypocrites inside the church and would rather be by myself. my mother usually sends me bible verses and that’s my dose of the gospel. i believe that being saved in the after-life does not comprise of what religion you belong to. i believe that what matters most is the fact that you have not harmed other people emotionally, verbally and physically. i don’t believe that there is a supreme religion, all religions are right it’s just how you live its teachings which will be judged.

if there is in fact a supreme religion and if there is in fact heaven and hell, then do you think that all those people who have done nothing wrong but belonged to the wrong religion will go to hell???? hmmmm… i don’t think so.

anyway, enough of this rambling. it’s funny because this religion thought came into my mind when i saw the news about Moscow’s metro bombing which was caused by 2 female suicide bombers. they did it for religion i bet, but i don’t think their God would have wanted them to do it. i don’t think that their reason for doing it will justify what they have just done – killing 39 people (and still counting) and bringing fear to the people in Moscow. 🙁

i didn’t want to do an entry about their religion as i don’t have a clue about the teachings of Islam and in no position, whatsoever to talk about it. but for sure, killing people is not one of those teachings. no God can be that harsh.

my love for you Svetlana, my Russian friend who almost got killed during the Moscow metro bombing. :-*

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  • Reply intin March 31, 2010 at 02:48

    i agree with everything you’ve said here. yun lang. 🙂

    • Reply galatea234 April 9, 2010 at 09:40

      hahaha. well, great minds think alike. (eh??)

  • Reply Jacqui March 30, 2010 at 07:21

    sigh… even Muslims deny ties with those suicide bombers… It’s never part in the teachings of Islam… each religion has its own minorities which somehow defines the whole sect based on the actions of these minorities (according to the majority) which is sooooo sad… i think it all boils down to political “wars” and their religious ties are being highlighted to ignite more fuel to the fire! like how jews, christians, hindus, muslims are being used…

    as for that guy, i wanted to give him one slap on the face along with the people who visit our house and convince my Catholic mother to convert to their religion! hehehe…

    these close-minded people should come and visit UAE, other GCC countries, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon… they should see how people of different religions live together… even in a predominantly Muslim country, me as a Catholic enjoy peace and freedom I could possibly imagine.

    Travel people and get rid of your ignorance!! :-p



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