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What I would tell my younger self.

January 5, 2013

If you can go back in time and speak to your younger self, what would you say? These are mine:

1. When mommy tells you to go to sleep in the afternoon, do it! You won’t have much of that anymore when you grow up and you’ll mentally kick yourself for sneaking out of the house when you were a kid instead of going to sleep.


2. When someone gives you a dress as a present for your birthday or Christmas, be happy about it and don’t fret because you didn’t receive a toy. Clothes are far more better gifts than toys, you’ll realize that when you grow older.

3. Don’t mind those people who will ridicule you in school. You’ll later find out that you’ll have the right to ridicule them when you get older but you wouldn’t do that either because you’re one classy lady.

That's what she said. :p

That’s what she said. :p

4. The friends you will make in highschool are the truest friends you will ever make in your life. Cherish and value them.


5. Walking around in high heels isn’t as fabulous as you think it is, you’ll later realize that you won’t be walking in them too much when you grow up because you’ll find out that it’s killing your feet slowly.


6. Don’t skip a ballet class because you’ll later realize that those lessons you’ve skipped might probably help your legs to be turned out more.

7. That guy you’re crushing on isn’t as good-looking and as nice as the one that you’ll end up with when you reach your 26th year. Trust me.

8. Not joining the band of girls getting pregnant right after high school is one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make in your life.

9. 25 is not old. Stupid!

10. Lastly, do not let your family decide what you will be when you grow up. Do what you really want to be doing because your family will soon realize that the course in college you took up isn’t a waste of time as what they originally thought. You will be able to put your education into good use when you finally land a job overseas and your family will be proud of you for that.

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