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what do i REALLY want for my birthday?

October 17, 2009

the boyfriend kept asking me that question yesterday and i could not think of anything specific that i REALLY want. first thing which my imaginative head can give me is a picture of me on a hammock with a glass of caipirinha in one hand, a good book on my left and a harrem of good-looking guys, tanned with washboard abs all available at my disposal. but of course i could not tell that to the boyfriend so i just meekly answered back “NOTHING” because seriously, i can’t think of anything other than having my birthday declared as a holiday here in dubai and/or having a really good vacation somewhere which we of course know is not possible if you’re a slave like i am who only gets one day off per week.

so pulling myself back to the real world and stopping all unfathomable imaginations that my mind has eagerly worked on, i asked myself what do i REALLY want for my birthday? i know i have already made a list previously of the things i want for my birthday and all those things are still valid and will be much appreciated if received. but i’ll just add some of these things to spice it a little and to really validate that the list i made is an acceptable birthday wishlist (because apparently for some people, wishing for a true and everlasting love is not acceptable).

so here goes:

1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
– it’s a long time since i’ve had the itch to read a book and this one seems to be a good read.

2. sunglass 🙂


– disregard the brand since it doesn’t really matter to me who made it. but i just want to show you what fits my siopao-face well, an oversized squared sunglasses preferably brown. 🙂 but i have this problem when it comes to glasses because am a typical Asian without a protruding nose to keep the glasses from falling. so you might as well take me to the optical shop and have the glass fitted to me before wrapping it. (am free everyday 8:30pm onwards)

3. Friends: the complete series collection.


– i want the actual DVDs for this and i really don’t like the downloaded ones. :p

4. Issey Miyake L Eau d’Issey


and last but not the least…..

5. a dinner and/or PARTY with my friends!!!!!!

well ok, the last one is made of pure win. it would be the best if my friends will pay for everything. WAHAHAHAHA. but seriously, a really great time with my good friends is enough for me to be happy on the big day of the 26th year of my life. and the bestest of the best is if it would be a SURPRISE costume party for me and everybody will have to wear some kinky and skanky costumes. and it will really be the best of the best of the best if they will wear the Village people costume and the boyfriend will wear the rightmost, bottom-most costume on the pic below complete with the moustache and chains wrapped around the body, now that would make me ROAR!!!!


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