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It’s been awhile, not that any of you are holding your breath waiting for my next post. My last post was dated 4th of March 2021, I actually thought it was longer than that. :p I don't even know how to blog anymore, it took me a good few minutes to figure out how to use this thing again.

Anyway, lots of things happened from my last post but I think the biggest change would be our move from London to Warwick. Yes, I left the city of London which I dearly love (and miss so much right now) but I also didn’t realise how much I’d enjoy being in Warwick – living the countryside life. It’s seriously a great change for us.

I’ve never realised how stressful living in London was until we moved to Warwick. I thought that since we’re living in Kingston anyway which is a train ride away from Central London, our lives were a bit less stressful compared to if we lived in the city itself. I was so wrong though because even Kingston life right now stresses me out. Lol.

Warwick is a beautiful town which lies upon the River Avon in England’s West Midlands Region. What I absolutely love about this place is its proximity to all the cute and charming Cotswolds villages and of course, the countryside pubs – much to my husband’s delight.

Since moving here, we haven’t really explored the area as much as we’d love  to but that will change in the next coming days especially with Christmas just around the corner when all the pretty villages will be lit up with Christmas decorations. I can’t wait! :p

Another big change for me is – after a very long year of being unemployed, I finally have a job! Weeeeee! I am now working for the NHS (National Health Service) which is a complete 180 degree change – from travel to the health industry.

Since Covid-19 hit our lives, I realised how unimportant what I used to do for a living was. Working in the travel industry was great and fabulous but it’s just not essential. When I lost my job last year, I was very sure that I didn’t want to work in the travel industry again. I definitely would want to use my knowledge and skills on something that is more rewarding and what better place to do that but in the hospital – making a difference within the community as we deal with this virus.

It’s been a month now that I’ve started working again and I have to say that I’m actually really enjoying it. Yes, I still had to deal with the public and their tantrums but at least when I deal with them they’re a bit more reasonable. Not like the ones that I had to deal with when I was in the travel industry. :p

I think there is such a huge difference between dealing with someone who feels so entitled to request for stupid things during their holiday just because they paid you money as opposed to dealing with a person who’s just happy to be alive. I have more respect and patience to give to the latter.

After being in the healthcare industry for just a month, I really do feel like I have wasted all those years that I was in the travel industry. I realised that all the stress that I went through while working as a travel consultant was basically for nothing. I was worried about really silly things that won’t even make a difference nor an impact on anyone’s quality of life. 

My current job right now deals directly with people who are about to or are already going through life-saving treatments. Yes, I still encounter difficult people with their tantrums but I react differently towards them now. It’s easier to be more patient and understanding towards them.

I still kept my small business open on Etsy which I have to say is doing quite well. I did consider closing it down when I got my job last month but I’m actually really enjoying it still. I told myself that as long as I can handle both my full time job and my small business, I’ll do it. If it comes to a point that it’s stressing me out, I’ll just choose which one is giving me more money for less stress. Lol.

On the other hand, I struggled a lot when I started the new job. It just felt like there is not enough time in a day to do everything that I needed to do. I think I finally got the hang of it all after a week but I’m still dead tired when I come home from work. I sleep early, embarrassingly early. 2130 early! But only because I wake up early now too.  During the weekends, my husband and I will high five each other if we go to bed past 10pm and declare ourselves “living the teenage life”.

Anyway, this is a long ramble now. Is anyone still reading blogs in general? Because I’m not even sure if I should keep this going. :p 


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  • iraonherdreams February 28, 2022 at 10:56

    Hello, I started reading your blog before arriving in the UK last year.
    Welcome and good luck in your new job in the healthcare industry. I’m also a new registered nurse in the country so I understand when you said about being so exhausted coming home from work. However, I totally agree as well, it’s also worth all the stress if we make an impact on a person’s life.

  • Tanja/The Red Phone Box travels December 11, 2021 at 15:03

    Warwick must be beautiful. I have visited Warwick castle but didn’t have time to see the town too. Congrats on your new job!

  • Vinneve November 17, 2021 at 00:22

    Hi, it’s me again. I have seen your blog about your business and I did comment but no reply yet so I know you are pretty busy nowadays. I am glad that you have a job now and in the hospital instead of hospitality which is a few more letters haha! I too have a job and yes not in the office but in the fast-food industry which is ok for the moment as it suits my schedule while taking care of the family in these pandemic times! I still read blogs like yours. I am still active in WP even once a month but I am more active on Youtube as I hope to get monetized soon! This is my plan to have a passive income while enjoying traveling and eating haha! so far we are in a new normal since delta came into NZ in mid August 2021 and disrupted our covid free life. Soon we may be able to travel again (I do hope so announcement later today actually). So far we can travel around just in our city of Auckland. I wish you well and let me know if you have time to email me directly if you like. Have fun stay safe!

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