Welcome to the US of A!

US roadtrip

After a grueling 14-hour flight from Dubai, we arrived at Dulles International Airport last 20th of August at around 7am local time in the East Coast. We probably spent about 2 hours at the immigration line and another 30 minutes at the customs. It was already 10am by the time we got out from the airport and was luckily able to catch a Budget Car Rental bus just as it arrived. After picking up our car rental, we started our drive towards my mother’s house in Maryland.

US car rental

The boyfriend trying to figure out how to operate the car rental. :p

To be very honest, I was excited to see my family but the destination itself – USA, didn’t excite me as much as Europe. I didn’t feel those butterflies in my stomach fluttering just minutes before landing which is normally what I feel whenever I’m going to a new destination, I’m not very sure why. It’s probably because I have seen a lot of the USA in Hollywood films that there is no mystery to it anymore. I’d like to give it a chance though and see for myself the American dream that everybody else seem to have in their mind.

The way from the airport towards my mother’s house was a very scenic drive full of trees and mountains. At some point, the boyfriend and I had to open the windows of our rented car to let in the cool and fresh breeze. We’ve missed it after living in a very congested and very sandy Dubai for 7 years. We stopped for food which made our drive much longer and when we finally reached Maryland it started to rain. It was a little drizzle at first which became a huge downpour in a matter of minutes – it was awesome! Again, we very rarely see rain in Dubai so we were like kids who’ve seen Mickey Mouse for the first time during the downpour. The boyfriend was so excited to be using the car’s windshield wiper to its maximum speed. That’s how delighted we were. We’re weird, I know.

US roadtrip

The scenic drive to Maryland

US roadtrip

The scenic drive to Maryland

We arrived at my mom’s house and I fell in love with it instantly. She had a huge, well-manicured lawn in front of her house and a very whimsical garden in her backyard. It was lovely! The boyfriend stayed outside smoking his cigar most of the time enjoying the green field around him.

US roadtrip

The front lawn

US roadtrip

The backyard.

US roadtrip

The fish pond at my mom’s backyard

US roadtrip


Maryland, USA

The boyfriend’s view from my mom’s backyard.

And because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my mother (5 years to be exact), she made my favorite nilagang baka (beef soup) for me for dinner. It was a great first day, I have to say that seeing my mom’s lovely house made me more excited about this place. πŸ™‚


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  • Lizsara September 12, 2014 at 02:58

    I love your travel blog! Thanks for keeping us inspired. This is a great post! Keep writing.
    It’s always a pleasure to read about wiser and more experienced blogger! Thank you

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