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June 27, 2008

To the last passenger I had last Thursday


Dubai, UAE


Dear Madam;

WHAT THE F*CK is WRONG WITH YOU?????? Is it my fault that your visit visa is expiring the next day and the flights going to Kish are all full????? After giving you the option of issuing a confirmed ticket on Saturday and trying your luck as a chance passenger for Friday you told me – “then what if nobody cancels? should i stay at the airport for the whole night” in your most sarcastic voice. I mean c’mon!!!!!!!! Do you even have to ask me that? Am a travel agent, am not your nanny and your life doesn’t depend on me and no, am also not your advisor. I don’t know about you, but I am normal and normal people would not stay overnight at the airport if ever they weren’t accepted on the flights they took a chance of taking. And most certainly – I have nothing to do with the flights being full going to Kish on the day of your visa expiration, so don’t blame me for every wrong thing that is happening in your life now.  Did it not occur to you that you should have arranged everything beforehand to avoid any inconveniences such as this??????? So don’t scream, shout and curse me while you do a monologue of you not believing that flights to Kish are all fully booked. Believe me, they are.

There is a part of every person’s body which is called “brain”, you should use yours from time to time. Even if yours would be pea-sized, it should work and would be able to give you better judgments next time.

And as a closing remark, make sure that whenever you’re talking to somebody – you are at least 3 steps away from them as you tend to spit out a huge amount of your saliva while you’re talking. It’s like putting someone else’s face in front of a shower, good thing there is a considerable space between the two of us. God bless the computer monitor.

Sincerely yours,

The Unfriendly Travel Agent (Drop dead you freak!!!!!!)


BReathe in……………. breathe out…………..

I was doing that inside our pantry after dealing with the passenger above last Thursday. I thought I was going to have a stroke for keeping my composure while the passenger wrecked havoc in front of me. She’s from a place where people are widely known as being feisty, so I should know better not to do much more damage to her personality. But she did pissed me off and made me miss my appointment with my trainor at the gym. Good thing trainor is kind enough to still give me a full 30mins session, afterwards occassionally comes back to me while he made his 6pm appointment run on the treadmill for 15mins. so technically i still had 45mins with him hehehehe. i love my trainor! :p

anyways, thursday night is a ladies’ night. i need to vent out the stress i had from the last passenger i had, not to mention the 6days a week workday for the past few how many weeks now. i need to vent it out on the dancefloor and shakira singing as a background. i had a blast. pictures were taken, lots and lots of it. that’s what made it even more enjoyable… so after the vodka/sprites and bullfrogs (f*cking bullfrogs) and after meeting an old friend at madinat, we finally called it a night at 3 in the morning with my stomach rumbling. thank God for the very incredible invention called “canned foods”, preservatives and all – i cooked (heating a canned food for me is cooking, so sue me) and ate it all – with rice…. yum yum yum!

friday, is my domesticated and vanity day. did the laundry, cleaned the room, went to the salon to have my nails done (my latest addiction), eyebrows done and a lot more things done. went back home to iron the clothes that i just washed this morning, ordered a pizza and pigged out with my flatmates. then went online. and now here i am, blogging away.

i need to have a vacation. a long one. 2 days please…. i badly need it or i’ll go crazy. if i were to choose between an overtime pay over 2 whole days of being on off, i’d choose the latter without even worrying about the credit card bills that i have to pay.

speaking of the credit card bills, i am seriously broke. 🙁 i did the math on the salary that i have just received. setting aside the house rent, bills, credit card payments and savings – am left with an amount which am not sure if it can support me for a month. and now, my hands are itching for me to take some money out of the savings – which is against my policy. i can’t and should never take something out of it otherwise it would be a vicious vicious addictive cycle and before i know it, i may no longer have savings. i’ve come a long way now – not touching the savings account, i need an incredible amount of will-power…. haha.

so we had our practice earlier this morning for the big event on wednesday. we finally perfected the lift on the climax of the dance by finally accepting the fact that my suggestion is right, do the lift from the right side so there will be enough time and full power will be exerted from the right. been trying to tell my partner over and over again that we should do the lift from the right but he won’t budge as according to him, left side will have a more dramatic effect as the lights will have my shadows reflecting on the floor as we do the lift. anyway, i just want to get over this thing. the jittery feeling, nervousness before a show is too much for me now. can’t take it anymore. butterflies in my stomach are gigantic now. a flick of their wings turns my stomach upside down.

on a different subject, chubby left the country. called me up earlier to tell me that it’s freezing in the UK and he’s so damn happy and enjoying the sight of the green grass there. sounds gay to me. hahahahaha! anyway, hello chubby! i hope you’re having a great time there, don’t forget what you owe me. lots of things from the UK. :p

right, i need to go…. not that i have a very busy schedule ahead of me, but i have nothing else to say. :p



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