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May 9, 2010

the first thing I did as soon as I arrived in Manila yesterday was to go to jollibee and have their chicken/spaghetti meal. when i saw the prices on the menu board, a single hotdog meal which consists of well…. a hotdog of course, about 20 strips of fries (i swear i think they do count the number of fries which will go into each and every meals) and a regular 8ml coke costs PHP72.00!!!!!!! that’s about AED6.00/EUR1.??/USD1.??

now a regular Juan de la Cruz will have an earning of PHP250/day (AED25.00/EUR5.00/USD8.00). that’s the minimum wage of an entry-level white collar job. these people did have a college degree and unless they get a call center employment, that’s the average wage of an entry level 8hr/day job. if this regular Juan dela Cruz decides to eat at Jollibee for lunch, it will cost him half of his hard-earned day’s job to have a meal for himself – JUST FOR HIMSELF. suffice to say, a regular Juan dela Cruz can’t afford a really sloppy hotdog meal with about 20 strips of fries and an 8ml regular coke full of ice to have everyday. now how sad is that?????

my aunt’s gardener told her that his electricity bill costs PHP1300/month that’s roughly AED100/EUR20/USD30. that only includes 2 light bulbs, 1 electric fan, a fridge and a TV. The gardener received PHP150 for a halfday job of cleaning my aunt’s garden. he also collects old newspapers and used bottles to sell at the junkshop. i don’t want to do the math of how much he will earn in a day as it will just break my heart to imagine that it will just go to paying his electricity bill. he can’t even afford to have a Joliibee meal for his kid. yes, he does have a kid. 🙁

now on this day, the Filipinos will vote for a new President who may or may not salvage the country from poverty. but i do hope that the person who wins will have a clean conscience and consider the fact that the Filipino people can no longer afford a Joliibee meal. :p

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