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March 7, 2010

i got this as a comment on my previous blog:

Dear Blogger

thank you for taking time to rate our resort Le Meridien Al Aqah beach resort and spa on your blog, this resort review is fair and balanced which is why I’d like to invite you back to Sapore in order to convince you that the food has greatly improved since your last visit (we’ve been opened for just 5 months and you probably visited us during the opening phase)
with regards to Gonu Grill, it’s great to know you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience there, we’ve been opened since august 2008 and the feedback is constantly good, as a Chef de Cuisine in charge it makes me and my team very proud indeed, as far as the choice and variety of the menu I’d like to point out that we are actually very flexible in order to bring dishes that aren’t on the menu and very often I’ll even come and discuss special requests with our guests,
so next time you’re around, ask for Chef David and I’ll make sure your next blog post will be filled with praises.

after reading it, i’m just totally in awe. for the first time in 3 years of stay here in Dubai… somebody is actually concerned about their customer’s experiences. i am working in a customer-service oriented environment as well and i know the feeling of getting commendations/comments about your work. twice i sent an email to a hotel about the extraordinary people working for them and once i’ve sent an email to another hotel about a really bad experience that we’ve had during our stay in their property – i never got any reply from those 3 letters. but this, a personal blog which was never really intended to be seen by anyone working on those restaurants and receiving a reply from the Chef himself is totally way too much for me.

i’ve met the Chef several times while dining in Le Meridien and I forgot to mention that on my previous blog. he usually goes around the tables asking people how their meal was. he’s the chef for both gonu and sapore restaurants and on my previous blog, i said that the sapore food were not reasonably priced according to its taste. there will be no retaliation on that, haha! but i will definitely dine there again and see if it has improved the next time i go to fujaira (which is probably this coming weekend, haha!). but hands down, the Sapore staff are the best. the waiters are all knowledgeable of just about everything on their menu, helpful and friendly.

so to Chef David, thank you very much for wasting your time on reading my blog – i am no food critic and i am still wondering why you valued my opinion – but of course, that’s how a good Chef should be. i will definitely go back to Sapore to try it out again, if it’s still the same the second time around – then there’s always Gonu. :p

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