W Doha | Let’s Meet Up at Spice Market!

Spice Market at W Doha Hotel

I believe I have been to Spice Market at W Doha Hotel more than any other restaurants in the city in a span of almost a year of living here.  I’m not sure why but everytime I’m bound to meet a friend for lunch (no matter who), we always end up at the Spice Market. It could be my decision or theirs, not that I’m complaining as I do love the restaurant – their business lunch offer is a great deal and the restaurant itself is just oh so pretty.

Last week, I finally met with the lovely Rochelle of Quest and Mark. We’ve been meaning to meet up since we first met at The Entertainer dinner last September and it was only last week were we able to finally found the time to do it. It’s definitely hard to meet a crazy jetsetter who spends her weekends in different cities around the world. Her, not me. How I wish though it was me though. Hah!

So off we went to Spice Market to enjoy their bento box lunch. Priced at QR98 per person, you get a bento-sized soup, salad, appetizer, entree and dessert in one lunch tray. That day, I chose to have chicken coconut soup, quinoa salad, crispy basil shrimp, pan-roasted salmon and dark chocolate chili icecream for dessert. As always, the service was quick and we started our lunch immediately.

Spice Market, W Doha Hotel

The chicken coconut soup had the right amount of spice to give me that zing that I’ve been craving for, it was however served cold. The crispy tofu in my quinoa salad was firm and had a meaty texture in it, just the way I like it. I wasn’t a big fan of the crispy basil shrimp though, I’ve had better shrimp dishes elsewhere but the pan-roasted salmon was a pure win! Delicately crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

I’ve never said this ever as I’m not a big fan of desserts but the dark chocolate chili ice cream was the dish that I’ve been looking forward to for this lunch. It had the dark chocolate-y taste but with a twisted after-taste of a chili. The coolness of the ice cream combined with the hint of chili is quite soothing for my throat, I think it’s the best ice cream flavor ever.

I left the Spice Market with a satisfied tummy, as I always do. It was great to finally meet Rochelle and hopefully we’d be able to do it again.

QR196 Business lunch for 2
QR70 2 big bottles of water

Spice Market
W Doha Hotel
Tel No 44535135

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