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Virgin Beach Resort, La Luz Batangas

March 26, 2010

i was searching on beach resorts in batangas earlier for my upcoming vacation in May and stumbled upon this blog entry. all i can say is – i give 2 thumbs up to this Grace (whoever she is) for being a useless and arrogant b*tch. i was more than surprised to read on the comments of the said blog that a lot of other people who’ve gone there experienced the same thing in this resort in Batangas. do take note that these people experienced all those horrible customer service (or lack thereof) to different staff and different departments of this resort. i think being an asshole is one of the requirements to get a job here. the original blog was dated 27May2007 and the last commenter who’ve had a horrible customer service experience on the same accommodation was dated 22MAR10. so it has been 3 years now and nothing at all has changed. so WOW for the staff and the owner (who happens to be a heartless soul) of this fantastic resort.

i am in the customer service field as well and as ironic as it is, i have the worst temper and mood swings. here in Dubai, you can’t imagine the kind of people i deal with every single day. i once had a passenger who screamed right in front of my face: YOU ARE SOOOOOO F*CKING STUPID!!!!!! when i told her that the flight to Moscow is full. with my heart beating so fast and strong, i POLITELY told her that if she will not stop talking to me like that i will call the security to escort her out of the building. my supervisor upon hearing the passenger’s cursing at me did not even bat her eyelash and called the security right away. nevertheless, scratching my head, whining EEEEEEE and stomping my feet like a 2yr old throwing tantrums is NOT what i’m going to do when a customer tells me that they have decided not to take my services because of the very bad facility that we have. but this happens to be the reaction of the FRONT DESK STAFF of that resort. forget customer service, but just put in mind that you’re a grown up and throwing a tantrum like this makes you look like an idiot.

thanks to this blog i’ve saved myself from having a horrific vacation. i’ve read all the comments and was surprised that the bad experiences all have something in common – the owner of this resort doesn’t really care about his business. in fact, if you request something to be done specially for you like to take a note that a customer is allergic to shrimp and thus, would need to have a shrimp-free meal – they will flat out tell you that you sound arrogant and whatever they will do to please you will never work, so they’ll just refund your money back and shoo you away from their resort. NICE!!!!!

Read the entry here.

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  • Reply cagayan de oro resorts July 9, 2010 at 09:08

    What kind of resort was that? T_T.. they don’t deserve that kind of business. or maybe its time to change the management of this resort.

    • Reply galatea234 July 9, 2010 at 13:58

      hello CGY resorts, i think the owner himself is a bastard… so even if they change the management it will be the same story all over again. they need to shut it down i guess. šŸ™‚

  • Reply Misa April 21, 2010 at 06:53

    I really Love Batangas Beach resorts! I will try this place some other time. I’ve been in Bauan, Calatagan, Cuenca, Calaca, Ibaan, Laurel, Lian and i really enjoy staying at this places. You must really try it. So peaceful and you will surely will have a nice vacation here. I will surely come back and see more other beach resorts in Batangas.

    • Reply galatea234 April 22, 2010 at 14:18

      i am looking for some resorts now in batangas for my upcoming vacation on MAy. but it seems like, all of the resorts are now full for the dates that i want. šŸ™

  • Reply Cinnamon Restaurant, Cove Rotana Resort « A peek into the realms of my twisted mind. April 3, 2010 at 07:25

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