Day Trips from Nice: Chasing Some Sunshine in Valbonne

Valbonne, France

After exploring the beautiful Tourrettes-sur-Loup, we drove towards Gourdon with only one thing in mind – to have a meal or a drink in a restaurant in the middle of the square where sunlight is abundant. I remember it from our previous visit in this area but to our dismay, that restaurant was nowhere to be found. I was disappointed and also concerned as we’re running out of time before the sun finally sets on us. I wanted to enjoy some warmth of the sunshine while drinking coffee or beer.

We then decided to immediately go to our next destination – Valbonne hoping that there’ll be a place somewhere in its town centre to enjoy this much-needed sunshine. The town square was packed and almost every table exposed in some bits of sunshine peaking through the clouds were taken when we arrived but we were lucky to find a couple vacating a table right smack where the sun is at its peak. Finally!

I had tiramisu along with my latte whilst the Greek Mister ordered a pint as we did what we enjoy doing together, people-watching. 🙂 The town square of Valbonne is pretty, it looks like a living, working village and not just a tourist trap. I learned later on that this is the Silicon Valley of France with Sophie Antipolis Science Park nearby. There is a huge English expat community here who are either retired or a working expat. International schools are nearby so it caters as well for those moving here with children. I did check for some real estate prices around the area, just in case I win the lottery someday. 🙂

Day Trips from Nice: Valbonne

I left the Greek Mister enjoying his second pint of beer as I wandered around Valbonne. The grid-like plan of its historical centre makes it an easy area to navigate without having that feeling that you’ve missed out on something. I started my walk from the main road and explored it lane by lane. I didn’t get to visit Valbonne the first time I was in Nice which is a shame because it’s a good-looking and very photogenic old town.

It’s the kind of place I’d want to live in someday, very pedestrian-friendly and somehow there’s a small community feel to it – amidst all the tourists. It’s also not very isolated given that it’s only about 40 minutes drive away from Nice just in case you’d like to have some beach time. Clearly, those who’ve moved here are getting a great deal.

Day Trips from Nice: Valbonne

I went back to the town square to fetch the Greek Mister before he orders his third pint. Lol. I can tell that he’s already quite tired what with all the walking that we’ve done these past few days so I can understand if he didn’t want to explore Valbonne with me. Photos I took of the area were enough for him. 🙂

Day Trips from Nice: Valbonne

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