How Far Can Your USD10 Take You Around The World? | Vancouver Edition

Gastown, Vancouver

How far can your USD10 take you? I’ve been meaning to do this series for quite some time because I think it would be interesting to know the actual value of money around the world. I challenged some of the travel bloggers based in different corners of the globe to tell me what’s the best way to maximize USD10 as a tourist from where they currently are. The response I got was so great that what was supposed to be a collaboration post now became a guest post series.

The first of the many in this series is by the Vancouver-based Aussie, Toni of Enchanted Serendipity. Toni is a high school teacher turned social media manager. Her instagram account is popular for featuring filming locations around the world. She’s also the woman behind the very popular (and very well-managed) Female Travel Bloggers Facebook Group with over thousands of members from all over the world. If you’re female and a travel blogger and not a member of this group, then you’re missing out on a lot I’m telling you. So how far can a USD10 take you around Vancouver? Here’s Toni’s take on it.

USD10 = CAD14 based on current exchange rate.

Canada can be a very expensive country.

Being an Aussie currently living in Vancouver on a working holiday, this is one thing I have discovered with my general day to day living and food expenses. Given the Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar are almost on parity, the costs do add up on a day out here (especially if you are working in Canadian wages!)

So how far can $10 USD ($14 CAD) really get you here on a single day?

Well, quite far if you like the outdoors. But there are some very cool inside things to see too. Ultimately though, it is the natural beauty of Vancouver that remains the most cost-efficient activity in this city. And if you’re looking to really connect with her, it’s all you really need to experience when you’re here anyway.

Activities aside, there are some pretty good deals when it comes to Van city and food so $14 CAD is definitely something I can manage to stick to on any given day exploring this awesome city – which is always favorable.

So what do I recommend for one day in Vancouver?

Starting Your Day

Tim Horton's

To be a real Canadian, you will need to begin your day at Tim Horton’s, home of Canada’s favourite coffee. You can enjoy a light breakfast and coffee – and you won’t break the bank. (Even the lunch menu deal is quite good for around $6!) A coffee and doughnut can cost as low as $3 depending on what you choose to order. (I love the Chocolate Dip donuts which are only 99 cents plus tax!)

The MANY free activities in Vancouver

Once you’re done with Timmy’s, make your way to the Waterfront area of downtown Vancouver. There are so many amazing things to experience right here that you don’t have to spend any money at all to get a feel for what this city is about, and that is a huge plus for one of Canada’s most expensive cities!

The only pre-requisite to these activities is comfortable footwear, so do yourself a favour and ensure you have that covered (because you’ll need it!)

What you see is up to you, however, here is an overview of 3 of my favourite free activities you can partake in (and should be ensuring you see whilst here!)

Coal Harbour

Coal Harbour, Vancouver

Coal Harbour is a filming location lovers delight with everything from 50 shades to Supernatural filming along here. It also makes for some beautiful mountain views as you walk along from Burrard Landing and Jack Poole Plaza, all the way to the entrance of Stanley Park. Coal Harbour has a marina too, which allows for some really pretty boat snaps. If you want to share photos from your time in Vancouver with your loved ones, a photo from anywhere along here will have you covered. (As a bonus, you can enjoy watching all the sea planes landing and taking off for all their flights which is also really cool!)

Stanley Park Seawall

Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver

Stanley Park is one place you can spend all day in. Whether you enter the park and explore the different vantage points, or walk down below the park along the Seawall, this is one beautiful place! The walk is long, and will take a minimum of 2 hours so prepare for some exercise!

The views of the water and horizon are pretty incredible on a beautiful day, wow is an understatement. So aim for a day with good weather to head out there, you will not regret it!


Gastown, Vancouver

Gastown is an amazing neighborhood in Vancouver and has been utilized in pretty much every production in Vancouver it seems. Walk along the quaint streets and enjoy the ambiance of the stores and restaurants, but don’t forget to stop at the famed Gastown Steam Clock, which goes off every hour. It is a definite Instagram stop.

Vancouver Public Library

My favorite place in Vancouver and a place I have spent many hours on my laptop in is the VPL. What’s so good about a library you ask? The design! This library is modern, which usually doesn’t mean a lot compared to the beauties like the New York Public Library or Trinity Library in Dublin. However, this library has amazing views if you look up (when you’re outside) or look down (when you’re inside) and standing on the 6th floor. There is a reason I spent the most time here, and when you take a stroll inside you’ll understand why I love it so much.

Finishing Your Day In Vancouver

After a day of exploring Vancouver on foot, a drink is definitely in order. And what goes great with booze? Wings of course!

One of the best Happy Hours in the city is found at The Pint on the cusp of Chinatown and Gastown with an amazing deal for all, on weekdays between 3-6pm. If you order a Pint of beer or cider for $9.50 CAD, you get 1 pound of chicken wings FREE with every purchase. Best of all, they do their wings 40 ways so not only can you have some BBQ or HOT wings, but you can get in on the dry rubs like my favorite, Kentucky Bourbon which is a salty/sweet combo that every person I’ve ever taken there have sworn by!


Lynn Canyon

Lynn Valley Trails, Vancouver

Capilano Suspension Bridge is all the rage here, but it is $40 so definitely not a budget activity! If you want your money to last and still want to hang in the wilderness and between the trees, Lynn Canyon has you covered! Lynn Canyon is a whole afternoon out if you want it to be, with the bridge itself, and trails that go in both directions. Best of all, there is a river that you can walk right up to on one side, and waterfalls on the other, so if you want some pretty photos, you’ll get them here!

When it comes to comparing the admission at Capilano to Lynn Valley being completely free, I still find Lynn Valley so underrated and more valuable an experience than Capilano. So many locals are here on a nice day walking their dogs, so it is a real Vancouver treat. Don’t miss it.

If you’re located in North Vancouver, then you can easily access Lynn Canyon. However if you are located downtown then it will cost you $2.10 CAD each way to get up and back. Bus #227 from Phibbs Exchange will take you right to the entrance of the Canyon though.

So there you have it. A day in Vancouver does not have to cost you more than $14 CAD – and look at all the beauty you get to see when you’re there! I have been very lucky to call this city home for 5 months…it makes it extremely hard to leave. What a beautiful city she is!

All photos are submitted by Toni. If you’re a blogger and would like to submit a guest post in this series, drop me an email at pinayflyinghigh(@)gmail(.)com


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  • Brooke April 17, 2017 at 11:12

    Best insider tips ever! Especially since I’m heading to Vancouver in June! Now I’m definitely going to Lynn Canyon instead of Capilano. And a pint + a pound of wings, OMG I can’t wait…

  • Flo @ Yoga, Wine & Travel April 15, 2017 at 04:49

    1 pound of wings? SOLD! All of my Canadian friends rave about Tim Hortons – one of these days I’m going to have to make it to Vancouver!

  • Lucy April 15, 2017 at 02:03

    This is such a great idea – amazing to see how far your money can go if you make it!

  • Photo Cache April 10, 2017 at 23:34

    I agree. Capilano is expensive. I went to Lynn Canyon bridge and it was awesome.

  • Trainswestcan2Espano April 10, 2017 at 14:53

    Gas clock I remember well. Lynne & I had a week there (Vancouver) pre Rome in 2011. The price asked is just the price, with Federal and Province tax to add, some items become burdensome

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