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Urbano @ Souk Al Bahar

March 27, 2010

my top 3 places to go to for dining here in Dubai:

1. Souk Al Bahar
2. Jumeira Beach Residence
3. Madinat

the first one is the first choice as there are a wide array of restaurants to choose from without the hassle of getting stuck for 45mins looking for a parking spot (not even a good parking spot but just any place which can fit your car) unlike the last 2 specially on a weekend. at Souk Al Bahar, there are just 2 restaurants that we frequent: Meat and Co. and Urbano restaurant, both have the view of the famed Dubai fountain.

let’s talk about Urbano:

the ambience: if having an al fresco dining with a great view of the tallest tower and the biggest fountain is not a great ambience – then tell me what is. they also have a big indoor dining area for that dreaded summer (which is fast approaching now i can tell)

staff: are warm and efficient. there’s a lady at the reception area who walks like a model with a warm smile to offer everyone. the waiters/waitresses are knowledgeable of everything that they have on the menu and will give you extra bread if you ask for it. :p

service: fast. our drinks came in no more than 10mins, the appetizers came 15mins after and the main course after another 15mins. we didn’t have to wait for a lifetime to have our food. there was also no waiting time to be seated, well we came at around 1pm on a friday just when the whole of dubai is still drunk from last night’s party so it wasn’t that busy when we came. but i do remember when my mother came here and went there in the evening, we had to wait for a table to be vacated for quite sometime.

food: we ordered calamari and mushroom soup for appetizers – the calamari had a really tasty tartar sauce with it. it’s not like all the other tartar sauces that i’ve tasted which is basically mayonnaise, they have some bits and pieces of potato on theirs. for the main course, we had pepperoni pizza with extra mushrooms made into calzone (they will ask you if you want your pizza to be served as just a pizza or to a calzone for the same price) and fettucini alfredo. there’s nothing so special with the fetucini though.

price: the price for 2 was AED227 but because i’m cheap, i used my entertainer voucher and got a bill for AED172. the undiscounted price isn’t that bad at all for the quality of food and the ambience it offers.

rating: 9 out of 10. the 1 point less goes to the very cramped table that they have for 2. :p

on a totally different note: people are asking why i’m not taking a photo of the restaurants i visit and the food i eat so they can have a better idea of what i’m talking about. the answer? i don’t want to get a lot of eye-rolling from the boyfriend whenever i take photos of the food served to us before we eat. tee hee.

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