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August 1, 2009

I haven’t written anything for the past couple of errrr months? So here’s an update of my mundane life which will be one giant blob and is not going to make sense as usual.

1. i have already come to terms that i won’t be seeing my mom for the big trip on august. it took me awhile to finally sink it in but what the heck, i knew something like this will happen. i don’t want to keep my fingers crossed not because i lost hope but it’s just better to expect the worst rather than getting high false hopes.

2. i am going to see her though by september or october by hook or by crook. not even the soul of Michael Jackson can stop that.

3. i have yet to finalize the big trip for august 15th. plane and train tickets are already issued, yet none of the hotels are paid yet. why? because am still waiting for the big boss to approve my staff discount in all of those hotels. i hope i can finalize everything by this week. it took me about 2 months to finally figure out which places to visit which won’t make our whole itinerary seem to be in a hasted state. not to mention that all of these must coincide with the available dates for our staff discounted tickets. haha! am all about discounts i know, that’s one of the perks i get for working my ass off for this company so better to take advantage of it. well everything is all set, except for the hotels. hopefully within this week though.

4. i think sarah pallin needs a lecture from our own president, GMA. sarah gave up too soon and couldn’t handle the pain that is politics yet our president receives criticism right and left and not to mention the several coup attempts, yet she’s still standing firmly on her ground – all 4 feet and 11 inches of her. if sarah couldn’t handle the criticism thrown her way, how can you trust her of running an entire state well? that’s just me though, my ideas are purely nonsense. but i have more respect to my president more now than before.

5. cory aquino died…. i am gravely affected by it. she’s the statement “GIRL POWER” personified. she brought back democracy to my country and unified the filipinos as one, well at least for the whole duration of people power 1. i admire her nobility and soft-spoken attitude, whatever happened to her youngest child?

6. ramadan is approaching. boo hoo. split timings once again. arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh….

7. the sun is getting hotter and hotter each day in this place… good that am finally doing the morning shift this month and in 2weeks i will be flying out of this place. at least for another 2 weeks. 😀

8. am getting fat again. i need to go on a diet. FAST.

9. am torn.

10. finally, i have seen the movie Atonement. one word – BRAVO!

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