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February 21, 2009

The supposedly “domesticated Friday” that i was going to have became a rather “spontaneous exploration of the dirty streets of Deira” afternoon with my girls. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things that we always have, out of boredom from our own lack of activities for the only day off that we have – Friday.
Flat shoes, simple shirt and jeans, jacket and pennies in our pocket – we explored the streets of Deira in search of a decent Chinese restaurant. We first went to Chopsticks, a supposedly good Chinese restaurant (thanks to TFC adverts) in Marco Polo hotel but the place was still closed. So tried to ditch the chinese cuisine altogether and opted to have a meal at Chikka grill for an authentic Filipino food, just to find out that it still is closed as well. So we grabbed a cab and finally decided to search for that Chinese restaurant in Maktoum Road, luckily the cab driver knows that exact place – China Sea near the clock tower. The waitresses were a bit rude and doing everything they can to ignore us – haha! But we wanted chinese so we patiently waited for them to finally notice our presence which was about 20mins after we arrived. :p After we massacred the crispy duck served and so many others, we then headed to QD’s at park hyatt to have my dose of shisha.

And I have to really thank Mona for suggesting this place to us – it was good. The ambience was nice, very conducive for a laidback night to catch up with friends, shisha was good and well it was different from what we normally do. It is so good to have peace and quiet from time to time and just talk to your friends and when I say talk, i meant a modulated voice not screaming at each other’s ears with a loud music blasting as a background like what we normally have when we go clubbing.

All in all, it was a fun night. Pig out and a few drinks after. The quarter-life is slowly keeping in pace with us. Hahaha.

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