Under the Tuscan sun

May 13, 2008

Bus picked me up at 0645 and the ride to Florence took us about 4hours with a stop at some place which sells Truffles paste. YAY!!!! Bought one for myself. The sceneries going there was beautiful. I like country-side places. If I were to choose, I’d rather live on the country-side and avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. Upon entering Florence, I noticed that all the buildings are colored yellow. Tour guide then told us that it is mandatory to paint the buildings yellow (amarillo) to preserve the quaint look of the place. The people of Florence are also not supposed to change the exterior of the house, against the law.



Our first stop was Piazza de David, where a replica¬† of the statue “David” can be seen as well as the view of Florence from the top. :p Then we headed to the Accademia. I am not very fond of statues, paintings – art itself but the statue of David left me in awe. It was so beautiful, realism at its finest. Plus the fact that I am standing in front of the original Michelangelo art – gives me the chills. For some reasons, the unfinished works of Michelangelo displayed as well inside the museum left me in awe just the same. It was called “Prisoners of Stones”, because it wasn’t finished – it looks like the images are trying to break free from the stones. It was soooooo real! From that moment on, Michelangelo became my favorite artist.



Then we headed to a church, which I forgot the name. Seriously, the David statue was just one of a kind that everything else won’t matter to me for this Florence trip. Haha. Anyways, the church was built by a family for centuries. It looks very grand from the outside, but once you get in……. doesn’t justify the facade. We had lunch at a nearby restaurant…. then went to a leather factory and bought my aunt a bag which cost me a fortune. Haha!

Then after lunch, it was free for our own leisure. I just went back to that piazza where the replica of David is located and admired its beauty.



Arrived in Rome at around 9pm, tried out their nightlife. Near my no-star hotel, there are chains of bars and restaurants. So I tried one of it, after 1 glass of bacardi and coke, went to my hotel and dozed off…..

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