Try To Control Your Drooling When You See These Burgers From Twisted London!

Twisted London
Twisted London delivers restaurant-quality burgers right at your doorstep. It's definitely worth the calories! :)

It’s Lent, Catholics are supposed to be fasting and giving up something that they really love as a form of sacrifice. And yet here I am, stuffing my face with delicious burgers! Hear me out, I think it would be a bigger sin to refuse this complimentary lunch offer from Twisted London. Yes? 

Twisted London is a delivery-only burger joint and everything about them is basically focused on that. All of the dishes were prepared, cooked and packaged to last the journey so your food will arrive fresh, hot and crunchy (if it’s supposed to be).

Twisted London

I had two burgers – Moneyshot and Hashtag and also ordered Korean Fried Chicken as well as chunky fries because I’m a pig that’s why. I shared it with a colleague though who was on her way out to buy lunch, I was able to intercept her just in time. That was my good deed for the day. Lol.

Twisted London

Let’s start with the sides, the Korean Fried Chicken was crispy and the sauce it came with was in a separate container so it won’t be soggy. The chunky fries was also crispy when it arrived but because I had to take loads of photos before eating, some of it became soggy. (I felt sorry for my colleague because I made her wait for a long time lol).

Now for the burgers, my favourite was definitely Moneyshot. It had brisket and beef chuck patty which was extremely juicy! My gosh, I can’t stress enough how juicy that patty was. There’s also a panko-crumbed emmental cheese which added a crunch into every bite. The smoked cheese sauce heightened its savoury taste. The only downside in this concoction was the chilli jam, I didn’t think it complimented the overall taste of the burger. When I order it again, I’d definitely ask them not to put the chilli jam in because everything else created such an incredible mix of flavours.

Twisted London

The Hashtag burger was also good, it had a generous amount of fried buttermilk chicken which was crunchy and juicy at the same time. The crispy hashbrown added more crunch into it while the cheese, the deviled caesar dressing and garlic sauce created a salty and tangy harmony of taste. It was quite hard to eat it though because it was too big, that’s a first world problem I’m willing to tackle. 

Twisted London

When I posted these photos on my instagram story @pinayflyinghigh – loads of people craved for a burger instantly. I guess I can officially call myself an #influencer not that I’m vying for it. :p

Now the price point is definitely on a higher scale but the truth of the matter is, it’s actually worth it. I’d be the first person to say f*ck that sh*t if I think it’s overpriced but the quality of the food I received was superb! Luckily, there’s a branch near where I work so I can always order it as a payday treat! 🙂 Visit their website here.

Disclaimer: I occasionally receive invitations to try out restaurants on a complimentary basis in exchange for a blog review or Instagram post. Rest assure that I always give my honest opinion in these reviews and will only use my own photos. I also only accept invitations from restaurants or other food establishments that I would personally visit.

Twisted London
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  • trainswestcan-eSPANO Webb March 21, 2020 at 09:45

    Save some hashtag for me. Relish butter chicken. Looks great.
    Unfortunately with the situation Covid-19 we must wait at least 6 months.


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