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December 17, 2008

I watched Twilight with Chubby yesterday and he hated my guts for making him watch it. Hahaha. As per him, it was the worst movie he’s ever seen. (calling out all the Twilight fans, i can give you the address of his workplace should you want to throw your shoes at his face :p)I liked it but just like Chubby, am a bit appalled by the too much hype this movie caused since it was not that great. I liked it but not to the extent that it’ll be included on my many favorites. But for what it’s worth, I never really liked the teeny-bopper films with the exception of this one. There was something about the character of Edward which is different, apart from the fact that he’s a vampire, but his character has something about him to which all girls want their guys to have. He fell in love with the girl and was not afraid to show it. Oh yes, I liked the movie because of that “kilig” factor (as what we call it in the Philippines) which Edward brings. Hehehe. I sound like a teenager! Haha. Whatever. But like Chubby, I don’t know what’s so special about this movie as it was just like everything else – a perfectly mediocre teeny-bopper film. Girl falls in love with a guy (who apparently was a vampire), guy will have to ignore the girl ‘coz he doesn’t want to complicate the life of the girl, girl falls in love even more, then guy could no longer hide his feelings, then just as everything about them is all dandy and fine, here comes the antagonists (the human-eater vampires) and guy must protect the girl from them to which guy always comes out victorious (a little blood all over him but he’ll be alright at the end of it all). So, nothing really “against the norm” here. Ok, fine. Shoot me now. But I liked the idea of Edward Cullen though, protective/jealous/in love all-in-one. :p

After the movie, Chubby told me am no longer allowed to choose any films that we’re going to watch next time. Fair enough. But for sure, (if I can) I will drag his ass to watch Angels and Demons (the prequel for the very controversial movie/book – Da Vinci Code). I liked Angels and Demons better than Da Vinci Code. It’s more……. interesting. I hope Chubby will like it then and won’t sleep throughout the movie. Hehe. Though I must say, he slept on most of the movies we’ve seen together (which I all chose and were all crap as per him) but he didn’t sleep on Twilight. Hmmm… Something tells me he liked it as well for him to be able to stay awake. Or was it the giggling highschool girls beside him who at the sight of Edward Cullen will sigh out aloud? Oh well.

We had shisha at Bazarkan in Jumeira Beach Residence and I must say, am doing pretty good with directions now around Dubai. I think I can already be a part-time cab driver. Anyway, I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore but am getting addicted with shisha, which is worst than a cigarette. Ooooopf! I was planning to buy one for myself and put it on our balcony and just smoke ’till I get lightheaded. Bad decision I know. So i won’t (or will I?).

All in all, i had a great time last night with the one and only Chubby. He traveled from Al Ain to Dubai to watch a crappy movie, walk a long distance from where we parked the car to the shisha place, eat a shitty pizza and get proposed to for marriage. Haha. It’s all in favor of me, not with him. (except for the last part though, he wants the Emirates ticket I know) So…….. thanks Chubby for putting up with me. And yes, you’re included in my “greatest friends list”.

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