Twelves And Eights

Twelves and Eights, London, England
There’s a new tube in town only this one’s called tubesteaks. Twelves and Eights’ hotdogs are made in-house and loaded with all the trimmings of a typical Chicago Dog, this sure is for people with a huge appetite.

We’ve had quite a long and sticky summer here in Londontown. Some would call it glorious but I’d call it hell-ish. I don’t like the hot weather at all – give me rain, give me cold, I’m up for those but summer heatwaves aren’t my kind of thing.

Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, England

The only good thing about summer is it’s the barbecue season but for someone who doesn’t even have a balcony let alone a garden in our mousetrap of an apartment, it doesn’t really apply to me. Thankfully, we’ve got things like Twelves and Eights serving us amazing hotdogs to fill in this void.

Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, England

I was invited to try their hotdogs or what they call tubesteaks which they have produced themselves. The meat is beef brisket from grass-fed, free-range cattle reared in North Yorkshire. Sounds good already right? But wait until you see how it’s served.

Let me introduce you to Hank and I’m sure you’ll be glad you’ve met. He’s meaty, juicy and so big that he’s spilling out of his buns. He’s also topped with all the trimmings I would like for my hotdog to have like onions, tomatoes, gherkin and sport pepper – I’m surprised that the bun was able to hold it all together until we finished it without being soggy. I absolutely loved Hank and was so glad meeting him. 

Hank Hotdog, Twelves and Eights, Kingston, London, England

We also ordered Elwood which has a chipotle flavour. Unfortunately, there was a confusion with our order and we were given Cerberus, the vegan hotdog. Now I don’t have any problems with eating vegan or vegetarian dishes but I would have preferred to know that before consuming it because this I tell you – vegan hotdog is different from the normal ones and whoever tells you that it’s the same is a big liar.

Cerberus, Twelves and Eights, Kingston, London, England

Since I didn’t know that what I was eating was vegan, I wasn’t prepared for its grainy texture. I actually thought that it wasn’t fully cooked. It was just a bit too weird for me, especially since I was expecting a meat-based hotdog. I’m pretty sure that if I knew that it was a vegan hotdog before biting into it, I would have prepared myself for its texture and would have appreciated it more.

Smutty Fries, Twelves and Eights, Kingston, London, England

Along with the hotdogs, we also had a Smutty Fries which was glorious! It’s hand cut fries with cheese, bacon and pink onion – the combination of it all creates a party in your mouth. It tastes as sinful as it sounds which made me love it so.

Twelves and Eights’ tubesteaks are currently available in Woody’s Bar and Kitchen in Kingston for a limited time. They also have a stall in Pop Brixton as well as Deliveroo. Hotdog prices are £9 to £9.50 while fries are between £4 to £5.50.

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Twelves and Eights, London, England

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