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too tired to function

July 28, 2008

deadbeat…. dead meat…. too much work at the office earlier, i had a hasted 15min lunch break which was long overdue (had my lunch at around 4pm); one pee break and the rest of the hours, minutes, seconds were spent in front of my computer answering mails, issuing tickets, making reservations, reissuing tickets, being a nanny to the walk-in passengers yada yada yada yada…. my shift ends at 5, walked out of the office at quarter to 7pm. might as well build a statue for myself at the entrance of our office for being such a dilligent slave. oh well….

there are 2 blog readers who use the title of my blog to search for my site, though they always spell it the wrong way. it’s “peek” not “peak”. hehehehe.

then there was someone who searched for my blog using this phrase 2 days ago – galatea234 wordpress arrogant european. ehehehehe. so the searcher is looking for that specific blog, maybe struck him/her the most. :p

this coming thursday is a holiday!!! long weekend!!! shame on me, i have no plans. suddenly, partying got no appeal to me now. i still have the free hotel stay but i have no plans of using it just yet. whatever happened to the hyperchic that i was once before???? this is just a clear manifestation that whatever it is that i suffered at the hospital – really and absolutely made a mark in my life. at least for the time being. wait till i have my tonsils removed…. wahahahahaha!

right, off to bed.

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    Interesting, even though this was written a while ago.

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