Come Hungry For A Tomahawk Steak in JW Steakhouse

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As a couple, The Greek Mister and myself don’t really give much thought about our wedding anniversary but it sure is a good excuse to have a special and fancy dinner out. We’ve been craving for a tomahawk steak for such a long time in fact, the last time we ate a proper one was in Del Frisco’s Steakhouse in New York during our honeymoon. I guess eating a tomahawk steak could be our little wedding anniversary tradition from hereon.

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Being a newbie in London, I needed some guidance when it comes to restaurants. There are a lot of steakhouses around the city but I was drawn towards JW Steakhouse in Grosvenor House. I’ve been to JW Steakhouse in Doha a couple of times while living there where I’ve never had a bad meal. Safe to say that familiarity is what brought us here and I sure am thankful that we decided to go there.

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I was so concerned about the tomahawk steak as some of the restaurants require for it to be ordered in advance. I contacted the restaurant a couple of times through email, twitter and I think even on instagram just to be sure that we’ll be able to get a tomahawk steak during our visit. They must’ve thought that I’m some kind of a lunatic or probably just very hungry.

Whiskey sour in JW Steakhouse

We were met by a friendly staff when we arrived and the whole restaurant made me feel like I was transported back in the Middle East. Not only because of the fancy and classic decor of the restaurant itself but also the Arabic language being spoken around us and the oud perfume that we can smell. It sure is popular to Arabic tourists but we’ve seen a couple of locals as well.

We of course ordered the signature tomahawk steak for The Greek Mister while I had spit roasted half chicken with full intentions of having a few bites of the steak. When our orders were delivered to our table, I could see some of the diners around us looking at the tomahawk steak. The long bone sticking out of the serving plate is an eye-catcher.

I’m extremely happy to report that the steak tasted as good as it looks, probably even better. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned, thick but tender and richly flavoured. It was amazing! My spit roasted chicken was also good but of course, I’ll have to admit that I was jealous of The Greek Mister’s steak. With our main meals, we also had onion rings and fries with truffled salt. Our craving for a great steak was completely satisfied.

Anniversary Cheesecake in JW Steakhouse London

Both The Greek Mister and myself are not desserts person but JW Steakhouse gave us their signature cheesecake on a complimentary basis to celebrate our wedding anniversary which I thought was an extremely nice gesture. It was a great way to end the meal which I’m sure I’ll be thinking about for days to come. I won’t be surprised if we find ourselves in the same restaurant for our next year’s wedding anniversary (or probably sooner).

£59 JW Tomahawk Rib Eye
£19 Spit roasted half chicken
£9 x 2 Johnny Walker Black Label
£12 Whiskey Sour

JW Steakhouse
86-90 Park Lane, London W1K 7TN


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  • Trainswestcan2Espano October 3, 2017 at 09:41

    A sprig of Rosemary in a cut clove of Garlic as a side?
    Price wise, a full plate in Aus, here in Northam WA we get that with salad and chips for about 15GBP

    But I am not comparing. You have an ambience in London that is not replicated elsewhere in the world.

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