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One Saturday morning, I was lazily browsing through my Instagram feed when I came across a dish shot by no other than the Doha food expert himself, Gerald Tan. It was a photo of a bulgogi bibimbap which immediately made my mouth water. I knew right then that I must have this dish so I sent a what’s app message to an equally foodie whore friend like me and after a few hours, we’re all headed to the restaurant which served this dish to Gerald Tan – Tofu House in Bin Mahmoud.

I arrived at 12nn, there were only 2 tables occupied in the second floor of this tiny restaurant. As I waited for my friends, the restaurant was slowly getting filled up by mostly Korean diners which only made me more excited than I already was. Koreans in a Korean restaurant, now that promises authenticity doesn’t it?

As soon as my friends came, we immediately placed our orders. In Asian culture, there’s no official flow for the course of a meal – no dish is served as strictly appetizer or main course. Everything will be served all together and the dishes will be shared by everyone on the table. So this explains how our dining table looked that day, filled with so many dishes which we all shared.

Tofu House,

We had gimbap which is a Korean seaweed roll similar to a Japanese sushi. Rice was perfectly cooked with the right texture. Very filling but it was super good that I think I can finish one full portion just for myself.

Tofu House,

Sweet and crispy chicken fulfills its promise of being sweet (but not too sweet) and very crispy. Again, I can eat a whole portion of this dish on my own. It didn’t lose its crisp and crunch up to the very end of our meal. If only Tofu House Doha is next to my house, I’d probably eat this dish everyday as a meal, as a snack or even as something to munch on while watching TV.

Tofu House,

The dumplings wasn’t up to our standards but I’m pretty sure we’re just being picky because almost every table around us ordered this dish. I do love the filling but the texture for me was too watery and soft.

Tofu House,

The ramyun was flavorful but it did have the texture of an instant noodles which I absolutely don’t mind at all. It was little too spicy though even for someone like me who loves spicy food.

Tofu House,

And of course the very reason why we were at Tofu House Doha in the first place, the bulgogi bibimbap a combination of my two favorite Korean dishes – bulgogi and bibimbap. The meat was perfectly seasoned with the right amount of sweetness in it. The bibimbap which literally means mixed rice had fresh ingredients but would’ve loved it more if it had the raw egg as well. With or without the egg, this dish was so good!

Tofu House,

We also had another serving of fried rice just to complete the Asian-ness of this foodieventure. I just wasn’t very much a big fan of that black blob served alongside the rice which up until now, I have no idea what it was.

Prices were reasonable and service was quick. This is possibly one of the best eats for me for this month. YUM!

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Tofu house (427x640)

QR35 Sweet and crispy chicken
QR15 Gimbap
QR15 Ramyun
QR40 Bulgogi bibimbap
QR35 Fried rice
QR25 Dumplings

Tofu House Doha
Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha
Tel no 44358678
Tofu House Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  • Photo Cache April 19, 2016 at 21:14

    Oh yum. I am starting to learn about Korean food. It’s the last of the Asian cuisines I think of when I go Asian food.

    • Pinay Flying High April 21, 2016 at 14:11

      Oh Korean is one of my favorites! I love the flavors of their food, suits mine really well. 🙂

  • Mitzie Mee April 19, 2016 at 15:58

    With a name like that I’m curious to know how their tofu dishes are? Maybe they have inhouse tofu production, which is something I still haven’t found in Dubai (and which would be reason enough for me to visit Doha once again). The ramyun looks good too, but too bad about the instant noodle texture, -I prefer my noodles fresh and bouncy:)

    • Pinay Flying High April 21, 2016 at 14:13

      We can both find out when you visit me again. :p

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