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To Whom This May Concern

November 13, 2008

the day has not even started yet and am already feeling that it will be a bad one. got a message from someone (i’d rather not mention names as am sure they will probably know who they are already) and seeing that name appear on my screen early in the morning, i thought it might be urgent or an emergency like before so i went on to read the message – only to find out that it was not an emergency nor an urgent matter, in fact it should have been just discarded altogether. untouched, unread and unreplied.

for sure, i will definitely keep that message in my phone. to remind me that once, i have pissed off someone big time. i would have brushed it off but i’ve just had enough of all these craps. for the very first time, i will speak about this matter. it is not the first time that i get involved in such mess and on the previous ones, i normally just ignore it and let them sort what needs to be sorted – sans me. but this time, i’ve had enough of it. i’ve had enough of friend’s girlfriend’s angst against me. i have no idea why, but the girlfriends just always hate me. they’re barking at the wrong tree – AM NOT DOING ANYTHING!!!!

i have mentioned a lot of times – being a third party is not entirely my cup of tea, i don’t settle for scraps of anybody’s time. i don’t want to hide from someone, i don’t want to ruin a family/relationship – plainly because am too lazy to do that (am just kidding) and i don’t want anyone to do something like that to me either. as they say, what goes around comes around and i live on that mantra.

but yes, am stubborn. tell me not to do something, i’ll do it even more – for as long as that “something” does not go against my mantra. yes, am playful and i joke a lot. and when i say am just kidding – i always mean it.

now, for the benefit of all – TRUST is the foundation of all relationships. if you don’t trust someone enough that you feel like all of the girls around you are out to get the love of your life, then do a reality check. losen up, have fun, life should not just revolve around the two of you. there are some other people living around you, in fact billions of them. sad but true. am just wondering and this has nothing to do with what am rambling about right now (just so to make it clear). just a thought, to all the girls who hates/hated me – has it never occured to you that you’re all probably barking at the wrong tree? go figure.

and on this note, can i just ramble about something else? i am not the go-to girl who everybody can just call up in the middle of the night, at the wee hours of the morning or just any time of the day. do i look like a f*cking ear to you???? am not the elixir of wisdom who’s got all the right answers to life’s unending questions. to hell with that, i can’t even handle my own. and if you think that i will always have the right and sound answers that you throw my way, then go f*ck a tree for a change.

to end all these.

to her: i don’t know you. i have nothing against you. and you don’t know me as well. why hold too much grudge against me?

to him: i thought i knew you, i guess not.

this is the last time you will hear something about this. let’s all live a happy life.

* breathe in….. breathe out…. *

(it’s so hard to blog nicely when you’re raging deep inside)

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