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To whom this may concern

March 6, 2009

Dear you-know-who-you-are,first of all, thank you for your comment on my blog. am sorry if i have read it too late since i have been seriously busy the past few days and have not been checking on the blogsite. so in accordance to your second letter to which you thought i have been totally ignoring you – am not! but anyway, thank you.

as for your request that i should approve your comment on my blog, i just can’t since there are lots of other people involved and i just can’t do that to them (however hurtful the things they did to me). so…… i can’t approve your comment but thank you for the nice words. so if you can just rephrase everything altogether and not include other names, then it will be much appreciated. hahaha!

it’s so funny coz i had to receive that from you at this time since i just checked your page the other day (after how many months of not checking on it) and have been slightly updated by what’s been happening to you lately – and am glad that everything’s going all well with you.

as for your apology, bugger off! i have forgiven you long time back but as you know, i NEVER forget. :p but sure you’re forgiven. let bygones be bygones and seriously, do you think am that immature to let that eat me out after all these months???? move on kid! :p

am happy for you and glad that everything’s going exactly how you planned your life to be. i remember the car. haha! and thanks that after all those months, took you the courage to do what you just did – though it’s not at all needed but thanks anyway.

those were good days. if i had the chance to bring myself back to that time, i would have done it altogether again. no regrets! just lost times. but anyway, we sure had one helluva crazy days together.

you were a good friend and will always be. FRIENDS. :p

and just the same – i don’t think there will be another monster like you in the whole universe. you’re one of a kind. the freakest of the freakest. told you we are alike. :p

nice to hear from you after all these months. totally unexpected but nice.



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